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Via Palù, 66, Pasiano di Pordenone PN
Fruili-Venezia Guilia
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Phone Number:
39 335 736 0440

Katerina and Angelo Mazzon run a small family farm with their son. The farm is on the same property as their home. They have approximately 50-75 cows fed a mixture of alfalfa, grasses, soy, etc. Milking is done in the morning around 8-9 am and evening about 5-6 pm, so around then is the best time to purchase. There is no vending machine, they must pour the milk for you. No visitors 12-3 pm daily, please. Bring your own containers, They are very friendly and open to showing the animals and allowing kids to watch the milking. The Mazzons speak little to no English – Google translate is sufficient. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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