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17359 South West 197th Avenue
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Farmer's statement:

"At our farm, we believe in responsible, balanced farming. We try to keep our cow's life as natural as possible. We provide shade for our cows but do not keep them in stabled barns. Our cows come and go as they please throughout the day. Redland Dairy Farm also supports local farms and their products. We believe helping local farms is a great way to get fresh products from farms to our customers homes.
At Redland Dairy Farm, we believe that responsible farming is not by definition organic farming. However, we do not use hormones, harmful pesticides, or commercial fertilizers for our pastures. We spread our cow's manure in our empty pastures months before reseeding our land. We treat our cows with homeopathic remedies but use antibiotics on life-threatening conditions as advised by our vet.
Since the winter months prohibit grass seeds from sprouting we supplement our cows with free-choice non-GMO alfalfa hay. We feed small quantities of all-natural oats and Florida citrus pellets in every milking. Every paddock has free choice trace minerals, salt blocks, and molasses wheel lick tubs to provide our cows with the necessary energy to give us the best grade milk possible.
We Pride Our Selves On Having:
No Hormones
No Grain
No GMO Feed
No Antibiotics
Local Farm Products
Outstanding Animal Well-Being
Local Grown Or Acquired Feed To Reduce Carbon Foot Print"