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Sanctuary Hollow Farm

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Sanctuary Hollow Farm
Street Address:
399 Mount Hebron Road
West Virginia
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Goatshares available. They have a small herd of Nuria goats that are pasture kept. Goats are fed free choice grass hay and minerals. Grain is fed on a limited basis to help maintain body condition and ensure proper growth and development. All animals are tested for TB and Brucellosis annually with new animals quarantined for 30 days upon arrival and tested with the first week to ensure animal health. All animals receive annual vaccinations and monthly fecal exams to check for internal parasites and affected animals treated according to veterinarian recommendations. All withdrawal periods are strictly enforced with an additional 10 days to ensure public safety. The farm is open daily from noon to 5:30 pm. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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