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Grassfed raw Jersey cow milk available via cowshares. Grassfed on native pasture plus some local alfalfa hay and dairy feed containing extra protein, vitamins, and minerals with each milking. For the cowshare to be feasible, there must be between 15-25 people buying shares. Share owners will pay the farmer 1/25th of the cow's purchase price up front, then 1/25th of her ongoing management costs (feed, milking labor, housing, pasture/hay) monthly and receive 1/25th of her production. Members are welcome to purchase more than one share to receive more milk. Ongoing costs will be lower if people become shareowners so that the farmer can get another cow. They plan to get a Guernsey, to increase the amount of A2 milk they are consuming, and at that point would switch to a herdshare rather than a cowshare so shareholder milk supply would be uninterrupted; they must sell at least 40 shares to justify that. Their goal is to have one cow of every breed and give school and public demonstrations on real milk production. Shareholders will need to provide containers for the milk. If enough people are interested the farmer will pool resources to order containers from the same place she got hers. Monthly management fee covers labor, materials, facilities and equipment to feed, care for and shelter the cow, collect the milk, put shareholder milk in their containers, and deliver it to a central location one day each week (day/location will depend on what makes the most sense for the most shareholders). See other places where you can find products from this farm.