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511 Smokey Park Hwy
North Carolina
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Farmer's statement:

'Simply Grassfed - Connecting Food & Health

Raw A2/A2 Jersey Milk, Cheeses and other Dairy,
100 percent Grassfed Beef, Lamb, and Goat,
Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken and Turkey,

Delivered to Your Door and Herdshare pick up.

We raise our animals humanely on chemical-free, nutrient-dense, lush pastures, with abundant
space, fresh air, and natural spring water. Our animals never receive antibiotics, hormones, vaccines
(mRNA or other). We never feed GMO grains and our processors never clean with toxic chlorine

Know your food and farmer. We think it's important to have a relationship with your farmer. And,
although we are very busy farming and because our Amish tradition doesn't allow us to use modern
technology, we will always find time to talk with you along side us while we are milking, fixing
fences, or moving cattle. Stop by our farm stores or schedule a tour to meet us and our animals."