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Siskiyou Farm and Food Co-op

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Siskiyou Farm and Food Co-op
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1912 Timmons Rd
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Small nonprofit food club owning or leasing A2/A2 dairy cows plus one Saanen dairy goat. They milk no more than three dairy cows at a time. They follow the RAWMI protocols and use local organic foods. They have 40 acres planted in pasture. Cost to join is $40 to buy an undivided interest into the herd, annual dues are $50 per year. Subscription milk is $125 per one gallon of milk per week for 13 weeks; as available milk is $3/half gallon jar for subscribed herdshare members only. Cheesemaking classes and open farm tours once a session. They are a food club and members share or sell eggs, USDA meats, vegetables, etc. Delivered to local areas. Please call the farm Mon.-Fri. between the hours of 8 am-4 pm. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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