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6124 East State Road 38
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They have a mix of dairy goats and some boar goats. Raw milk available all year for pets and soap making along with cheeses made from goat milk and caramel sauce. $10/gallon and prices vary on less quantities of milk. Goats have a mix of feed made from oats and corn and molasses plus all the vitamins and minerals they need for a balanced diet. Also get kelp and diatomaceous earth free choice and are out on pasture when the season is in and fed grass hay during the winter. They milk on a machine into a stainless steel container and it is filtered into glass jars immediately. If you want a tour of the farm, call first. In the spring there are baby chicks for sale, and in season plenty of produce from their farm. They use only organic material to fertilize their garden. Baby kids are for sale all year when they are available along with free-range brown eggs all the time for sale. They are located 20 minutes north of Indianapolis off of 421. See other places where you can find products from this farm.