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Sunnydale Farms

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Sunnydale Farms
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17338 Sunnydale Place
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Sunnydale Farms is a small Idaho farm, with Idaho Small Dairy Permit ##RCM094. They have two milk cows – a Guernsey named Teena Rose and a Jersey named Violet. They offer raw unpasteurized milk and cream for sale, as well as local honey, farm fresh eggs, seasonal fruits and veggies and baked goods, and an occasional calf or two. Raw milk is whole, unskimmed with cream on top, and is $8/gallon, $4/half gallon. Please text, email or call to order and arrange a pickup time. You can pick up milk at the farm, or sign up for their weekly milk drops to Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian or Boise. No business calls or milk sales on Sunday, but available nearly any other time. Visit their website to learn more about this family farm. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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