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The Clark family runs this small family farm from Prospect, OR who specializes in rotational grassing of all animals. Their raw milk comes from full Jersey and Guernsey cows, all DNA-tested for A2 milk. The Clarks specialize in rotational grazing which means their animals will be moved once or twice a day to prevent disease, provide optimal nutrients, and deliver the best-tasting milk. This also improves their pastures, which in turn provide more nutrition for their animals. The cows are tested monthly. They never use sprays or pesticides on their farm.

Delivery and pick-up options throughout the Rogue Valley. Other products such as weekly delivered sourdough breads, seasonal pasture raised whole broiler chickens, seasonal pasture raised whole turkeys, and organic spice blends are also available. They believe that knowing how and where your food comes from is the first step in a healthy life. If you have any questions, call them at 541-621-6893.