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TK Livestock

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TK Livestock
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Small, family-run farm raising Nubians/Saanen mix dairy goats, feeder hogs, free range chickens and vegetables during summer months. Fresh raw goat milk available that comes in half gallon glass jars. $7 gallon/$4 half gallon for off the farm pick up only. No deposit for jars, just bring back and they will switch them out each time. Dairy goats are fed quality hay and grass year-round with non-medicated grain on the stand. Fresh eggs available $2.50/dozen, also chickens for butcher. Feeder hogs are available, call or email for pricing. Baby goats available for purchase through the spring and summer months. Deposit required to hold as they dam raise the kids, and remaining amount due when pick up after weaned. Goat milk soap also available. Call, text, or email. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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