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At the onset, the shareholder signs the herd share agreement and pays a one-time, refundable $30 for one herdshare purchase. One full share will provide the Shareholder with 1 gallon of raw Jersey cow's milk on a weekly basis. (1/2 shares are also available which would give the shareholder 1 gallon of milk every other week.)

The farm does all the hard work--milking, grazing, doctoring, etc.--for a boarding fee of $40 per month. (1/2 share members pay $20 per month.) If you pick up your milk at either the Poplar Forest nursery or Marsh Roots Seafood Co., there is also a $3 per gallon delivery fee.

Once your herd share agreement is signed and your purchase into the herd share is made, you will be charged $40 on the first of each month.
You can cancel at any time and your monthly boarding fee will be prorated.