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Trytten Dairy has provided raw milk for well over a decade. They continue to produce milk from their small mixed breed herd of approximately 80-85 percent DNA-tested A2 cattle. They also have cream. They pasture the cattle as soon as the grass turns green in the spring until winter when they feed grass hay. They also feed some ground oats with Jerry Brunetti minerals and vitamins and top dress it with organic apple cidar vinegar. They are located just one mile off I-35 at the Harris exit just 6 miles north of North Branch. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

Farmer's statement: "We are back milking and have lots of milk. We are a small A2 herd of mostly Milking Shorthorn cows...all raised from babies here on our farm. Our cows have never been fed corn or soybeans and we provide lots of vitamins and minerals to them in an oats-based diet...other than grazing May through November and high-quality hay in the winter. Call and schedule soon!"