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Wholesome NOVA is a direct farm-to-consumer private buying club.

They offer 100 percent grassfed and pasture-raised raw A2/A2 milk from cows, sheep, and goats. The milking herd is A2/A2 Beta casein protein tested, soy free, grain free. This milk is used to make all the value-added dairy items including raw butter, raw cream, raw yogurt, raw cheese, and raw kefirs. Their grassfed animals are at pasture all year long, weather permitting. If inside due to snow, they are offered only 100 percent organic natural hay and grasses.

They also offer 100 percent grassfed and pasture-raised beef, goat, and lamb, locally raised and butchered by Amish hands. Additional products include soy-free poultry (duck, chicken, turkey), eggs, kombucha, kvass, potato chips, hand-crafted single-origin chocolate, and artisan cheeses.

Club Statement: "Wholesome NOVA is a membership-driven, direct farm-to-consumer private buying club community, with a focus on family, nature, health, and sustainable organic farming practices. Only the highest standards of cleanliness and testing are used to retain our milk's quality."