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Chattahoochee Hills
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Largest herd of endangered British Guernsey goats in the Southeast. They are rotated between fresh pasture and a dry lot to maximize parasite control naturally. They are supplemented with high quality legume hay and locally milled dairy goat rations daily and seasonally with vitamin E, selenium and copper for optimal health. No hormones, no antibiotics, no vaccines, no coccidiostats, no disbudding, no chemical dewormer - unless medically necessary. Wormed as naturally as possible with herbs and forage-based products. Milk is chilled in stainless steel containers, bottled in reuseable glass containers, and sold on site or at a local farmer's market. Prices range from $1 “treat size” to $12/gallon - $2 bottle deposit. Bring your own container to the farm for cheaper prices. Butter, cheese, and yogurt coming very soon. All milk sold, per Georgia law, for pet consumption only with a pet feed license. This farm helps preserve endangered breeds. See other places where you can find products from this farm.