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2594 Murdock Rd.
New York
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Organic dairy farm offering NY certified raw milk ($7/gallon in your own container) and eggs from naturally fed chickens (currently $4.00/dozen; bring any empty egg cartons that you have). Prices subject to change. Raw milk is available Tuesdays from 8 -10 am and 5:30 -7pm, and Wednesday from 8 -10am. Please call two days in advance to ensure that they have sufficient quantity on hand to fill your order. NO Sunday sales. This Amish farm celebrates all Amish holidays and religious days, and on these days they do not sell milk, even if they are in the milk room when you arrive. Be sure to call ahead when you are planning to visit to make sure they will be selling that day. There is a sign at the road for this dairy. When you see the sign, look to your left and you will see a steel warehouse type building near the road, this is where you now pick up your raw milk. See other places where you can find products from this farm.