Food Freedom Cases Appeal to Wisconsin Supreme Court

Three separate cases revolving around raw milk and food freedom rights have appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. These 3 food freedom cases are each separate. The Vernon Hershberger petition was filed in August 2014 while the Ziniker petition and Grassway petition were filed in October 2014.

On the FoodFreedomUSA site Ziniker plaintiff Gayle Loiselle explains, “The Wisconsin appellate court refused to rule on the question before them on the constitutionality of food rights, and instead deflected the issue to license violations. The plaintiffs in all three cases, and thousands more seeking fresh food directly from the farm claim they do have a fundamental constitutional right to choose with they eat, and to choose where that food comes from. They also say it’s a constitutional right to conduct business directly between farmers and citizens without government interference, and without a middleman, such as food processors or distributors.”

Wisconsin currently prohibits the retail sale of raw milk and none of the previous rulings on the three cases resulted “…in the court offering any opinion on whether there is a right to purchase and drink unpasteurized milk in Wisconsin.” Raw milk advocates are hoping the State Supreme Court’s rulings will set precedence for this.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, D.C. Fan the Campaign for Real Milk on Facebook. 

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