Got Diet Milk? Dairy Industry Petition to FDA Sparks Consumer Outrage

Aspartame-FDA-Labeling-PetitionThe International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to drop its requirement that dairy products containing artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are prominently labeled for consumers.

Aspartame is a main ingredient in reduced-calorie foods like diet soda and sugar-free chewing gum. Although manufacturers of aspartame continue to assure the public that the ingredient is safe and aids in weight loss, several independent studies link the ingredient to an alarming number of scary side effects, including weight gain and increased blood sugar, headaches, degeneration of nerve cells and cancer.

The dairy industry wants to add aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to flavored milks and other products without labeling the bottle in an attempt to lure children to selecting those drinks at school. If this petition passes, it would mean that any time you reach for a jug labeled “milk,” that milk could include dangerous artificial sweeteners but you wouldn’t know for sure until you read the ingredient list in depth. This isn’t just an inconvenience for adult shoppers, but an irresponsible and dangerous decision that would directly affect underprivileged children, who depend on school lunches for the bulk of their nutrition.

The FDA has opened the topic up to public discussion, and is accepting comments online until May 21, 2013. Submit your opinion to the FDA here:

Listen to an in-depth podcast on this controversial issue here:

5 thoughts on “Got Diet Milk? Dairy Industry Petition to FDA Sparks Consumer Outrage

  1. Es un abuso lo que se esta inventando con todo y+ los alimentos tratando de destruirnos en mi caso son una bombaatomica en mi ser como tal, siempre ,tengo quecomer natural, por ej,kumis con leche pasteurizada cruda fermentada en cristal,x2 dias me funciona bien porq´ esos proyectos de leche ahora son un veneno,padezco purpura trombocitopenica no sé de donde?mala absorción alimentos, distención abdominal, inflamación intestinal, colon irritable,polipo duodenal,desnutrición,gastritis hernia hiatal,crohn,cliliac,etc,a causa de q´.no lo sabe sino mi propio Dios,no se q´comer, xq´ cientificamente nos estan destruyendo con todos sus inventos.x ej,en Cbia todavia tenemos granjas y vacas

  2. Es un abuso y descaro lo q´se esta permitiendo para destruir al ser humano con todas la perdidas con los redicles libres y con los alimentos q´ya son sinteticos empezando por la leche que es solo composicion quimica 1% de supuesta leche natural cruda.,Aq´en Cbia,yo tomo kumis con leche disq´pasteurizada fermentsada por 2 dias en envase de cristal y me funciona para mi problema de ulcera gstrica y sindrome de inflamación intestinal colon irritable, etc. además de polipo duodenal y purpura trombocitopenica idiopatica, Tengo 58 años. Así que nos estan destruyendo con todos estos alimentos venenosos y sus inventos extaterrestes.

  3. Thanxs for clarifying this issue, I had originally thought aspartame, splenda etc would not even be listed on the ingredient list. So it is the front of the product they are trying to change. I suggest that everyone complain/comment immediately. However I also think that everyone needs to read the labels on all foods, drinks etc. before they make a purchase. Nwo that said, kids that are too little are not going to be able to deal with an ingredient list. I am going to continue to give my kids their thermos and lunch boxes until they are old enough to read labels. Even then if only junk food is available, we will continue with our lunch boxes and thermos
    as that is the only way to make sure their food choices are already made by me and hence safe. I recommend eveyone get a lunch box containing a thermos and become a voice at their kids school.

  4. Whats disheartening is that as consumers millions of us could voice our concerns and the FDA will still cave into greedy corporations. Its all about profit and the FDA leads the way for these folks to push their poisonous chemicals and somewhere in the background is that evil empire Monsanto you can take that to the bank.

  5. These artificial ingredients need to be listed PERIOD!!!! TOO many people have adverse reactions to them!!! and have every right to know what they are buying for themselves and their families. After all it is their hard earned money they are spending! No phony or misleading names either.. i.e….. natural or “artificial the exact ingredient needs to be listed. The same should go with foods that contain MSG !!!

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