Raw Milk Petition in Canada Gains Momentum

By Liz Reitzig

New developments in Canada are indicative of raw milk’s growing appeal to the people of Canada. Canadian citizen, Cory Harris, has launched a petition campaign for the Minister of Health. The petition states, in part:

“We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Minister of Health to Modernize and amend the Food and Drugs Act and the corresponding Food and Drug Regulations, to permit the legal sale of, and/or access to, raw (i.e. unpasteurized) milk and milk products through small-scale certified herd share programs, or other such suitable arrangements, capable of managing any associated health risks in a responsible and reasonable manner.”

This petition is required to be brought before the House of Commons if it reaches five hundred signatures before the end date. The petition is over 3,000 signatures with an August 11, 2016 deadline. The Canadian government is required to respond within 45 days to each petition that is read in the House of Commons.

To get greatest notice on this, we would like to be the top petition on the site. This would send the message loud and clear that it is past time the Canadian government reevaluates its outdated position on the prohibition of fresh milk. Make your stand with us. https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-289.

This article was published in the Summer 2016 issue of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation.