Only Seven States to Go

When we began A Campaign for Real Milk back in 1999, farmers could supply raw milk through direct sales, retail sales, sales as pet milk, or through cow-share and herd-share programs in 27 out of 50 states. Today, thanks to the work of many tireless activists, farmers can supply raw milk in 43 out of 50 states. That means we have only seven states to go. Here’s a summary of where we are in our campaign to make raw milk legal in all 50 states:

DELAWARE: In 2013, a raw milk bill made it out of committee but went no further. No bills have been introduced since.

HAWAII: Several raw milk bills were introduced this past legislative session. One of them, a herdshare bill, will be up for consideration again this session. Hawaii has a two-year legislative session; the other bills were already considered and defeated this year.

IOWA: Raw milk bills were introduced for several years through the 2015 session but did not pass. No bill has been introduced the last two sessions.

LOUISIANA: A 2016 bill passed out of the Senate and was defeated in the House committee by one vote. No bill was introduced this year but should be next session.

NEVADA: A bill that passed in 2013 was vetoed by the governor. No bill has been introduced since. The Nevada legislature isn’t in session again until 2019.

NEW JERSEY: Bills have been introduced the last few sessions and have passed out of committee but gone no further. A bill will likely be introduced next session.

RHODE ISLAND: A bill was introduced this past session but did not make it out of committee. There should be at least one bill introduced next session.

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