Proposed Wisconsin Legislation to Allow Sale of Raw Milk

New legislation that would allow Wisconsin farmers to sell raw milk directly to consumers is currently being drafted at the state capitol.

The proposed bill would allow farmers to sell Grade A raw milk directly from the farm to consumers, so long as the milk is labeled as unpasteurized. Additional “unpasteurized” signs would need to be posted at the farm.

This proposed legislation comes on the heels of the controversial trial of Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin farmer who was partially acquitted on charges of selling raw milk to members of his buying club. The scrutiny and media attention surrounding the trial brought to light the high consumer demand for raw milk.

State Rep. Chris Danou, a supporter of the bill, says the proposed legislation creates reasonable standards for the sale of raw milk while stimulating business for local farmers.
“If we can allow the agricultural producer to add value to his product by getting a retail price for it, as opposed to wholesale price, that, I think, will help some elements of the rural economy. It’s not obviously going to be a panacea; it’s just another option for folks,” he says.

Read more about the drafted bill on the Wisconsin Public Radio website: Draft Plan Would Allow Farmers to Sell Raw Milk.

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