Raw Milk Sales Threatened in Sweden

Many Americans look to European nations for more progressive attitudes and laws regarding the sales and consumption of raw milk. Now, however, raw milk sales are under attack in Sweden.

Sweden’s National Food Agency is proposing the ban of raw milk sales entirely. Currently, it is legal for Swedish farmers to sell raw milk in small quantities, directly to consumers on the farm itself.

In practice, however, Swedish raw milk sales are not so open and free across the country. Stories swirl about farmers who are afraid of the authorities and hesitant to allow current customers to share their names with prospective buyers.

There are some farmers, however, “…that do sell their milk more openly around the country and demand is increasing all the time,” notes one Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader in Stockholm.

It is unfortunate that this ban is being proposed at a time when demand for fresh, unpasteurized milk is on the rise.

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One thought on “Raw Milk Sales Threatened in Sweden

  1. It is well past time that the world woke up to the fact that America claiming to be ‘the land of the free’ is a total myth – there are only two things that matter to them: dominace and money. Unfortunately the ‘ordinary’ citizen is a nice person but just below the surface is the power scenario. A good example – I think – of this is Mitt Romney being totally unable to understand why he wasn’t elected president when he spent so much money on the campaign

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