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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Illinois:

Addison / Elmhurst Area: Seven Sons Farms, web:, phone: 877-997-9449. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese and grass-fed meats. Note, the dairy products they sell other than cheese are not raw.

Aledo: PopeCreek Valley Farm, 1885 65th Ave. Aledo, IL 61231, phone: 309-582-FOOD (3663) – ask for Amanda, email: Facebook group: PopeCreek Valley Farm. They offer pasture raised pork and eggs. New to the farm are Jersey Cows offering whole raw milk. The cows are milked using a self contained milking machine and the milk is quickly placed in a Milkplan quick cooling bulk tank to inhabit possible bacteria growth and promote longevity and freshness.

Algonquin/Barrington/Elgin Area: All Grass Farms, Cliff McConville, 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118, email:, phone: 847-852-7081, web: Serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago, raw milk from purebred, grass fed Guernsey cows. The Guernsey cows are on pasture every day, with their pasture diet supplemented with a small ration of Certified Organic grain mix and non-GMO beet pulp fed only at milking time. Raw milk available in the farm store daily 10 AM – 6 PM for walk in customers, and through a herdshare program. Bring your own containers or purchase them from the farm store.  Other farm-raised products available in farm store include: 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, pasture-raised/soy-free eggs, fresh vegetables, and raw honey. Chickens are raised on rotated pasture forages supplemented with soy-free organic grain mix. Angus beef are fed 100% grass and hay, never any grain. Please call or email with questions, or visit our website for more details.

Arcola: Rockome Garden Foods, phone: 217-268-4107, email: Small operation making raw milk cheese from grass-fed Jersey cow milk and grass-fed goat milk obtained from a local Amish farm that does not use drugs or antibiotics. Full cream Cheddar, Havarti, and Chevre cheeses, drinkable yogurt with natural sweeteners, and low-heat pasteurized cow and goat milk available.

Arlington Heights: Arlington Heights Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 620 S. Walnut Ave, Arlington Heights, IL, web:, phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Aurora / Naperville AreaSeven Sons Farms, web:, phone: 877-997-9449. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese and grass-fed meats. Note, the dairy products they sell other than cheese are not raw.

Barry / West Central Area: Faithful Farm, Linus & Brenda Gingerich and family, 82E 2600th St., Barry IL 62312, phone: 217-336-4036. Raw milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, and cream from Grade A dairy cows (Dutch Belted, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn and Guernsey) grazing on pastures and forage. Cow shares are available. Also, goat milk and goat milk products, brown eggs from a flock of soy-free pastured hens and broiler chickens, and turkeys in the fall for Thanksgiving.

Bloomington: Dearing Country Farms, Brad and Jackie Dearing, 16410 N 800 East Rd, phone: 309-963-4932, web: Milk from Nubian and LaMancha goats, grown on the farmstead using sustainable practices and following organic standards. Members of Certified Naturally Grown. Call to schedule a pickup and bring own container as to comply with IL law.

Central Illinois: Hoffman’s Little Acres, phone: 309-530-4381 email:, web:, Facebook:  See full listing under Fairbury.

Carlyle: McConauchie Manor Farm, Dr. David and Lynnette Mooth, phone: 314-699-4430, email:, web: Serving St. Louis, Metro-East and Southern IL.  Naturally raised, pasture-grazed Jersey and Guernsey cows & Nubian goats. Other grass-fed livestock products, tree fruits, berries, fresh produce, Clydesdale horses. No antibiotics, hormones, pasture chemicals.  Milk prices $4/half gallon – this is unprocessed milk with natural cream. Farm is located 35 miles from Metro-east area, 50 miles from St. Louis.

Champaign-Urbana: Joy of Illinois Farm, Les and Penny Gioja, 1689 CR 400E, email (preferred):,phone: cell – 872-205-0801, landline – 217-863-2758,  web: State certified raw goat milk available by the season or half-season share, or by the quart, from Saanen/Alpine Goats. The goats are on pasture spring, summer, and fall, and get hay (from the farm) in winter, plus some grain at milking time. Milk is put in glass quart canning jars. Season for goat milk is March-November; call for availability.

Chicago area:

  • All Grass Farms, Cliff McConville, 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118, email:, phone: 847-387-3568, web: Serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago, raw milk from purebred, grass fed Guernsey cows. See full listing under Algonquin.
  • Beverly Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 10244 S Longwood Dr, Chicago, IL 60643, web:, phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.
  • Downtown Chicago Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 1030 North Larrabee Street, Chicago, IL 60610, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.
  • Edgebrook Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 5901 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60646, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.
  • Family Farms Cooperative, Richard Hebron, phone: 269-476-8883. Raw milk products (milk, cream, butter) are now available through a cowshare program. Deliveries are made once every four weeks to Aurora, West Dundee, Forest Park, Highland Park, Edgewater, DesPlaines, and Schaumburg. Email Richard for more details.
  • Fresh from the Farm Cooperative, Sheri Giachetto, email:, phone: 630-257-9092. Provides local, organic, farm-sourced raw dairy, meats, and produce. Began in May 2001 as a result of the family’s pursuit for high-quality food directly from the farmer/producer. Array of foods from various providers include raw milk, cream, and other raw dairy products; organic grass-fed beef and pork; pastured chickens and eggs; raw honey and bee pollen; and organic produce in the summer months, all from local, independent, organic farmers. Weekly pickups Homer Glen, Winfield, Chicago, South Holland, and Palatine. Currently serving more than 120 families from the Chicago metro area. New members welcome; contact Sheri with any questions.
  • Pasture’s Delights, website, social media, pickup locations, email, cell: 260-366-6455. Raw Milk – Ayrshire Cow and Nubian/Toggenburg Goats.
  • Raw Milk Farms: Facebook: Providing raw milk delivery through a local farm in Illinois as a distributor on a farm-to-consumer basis.

Crystal Lake: Crystal Lake Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 8615 Lakeview ave, Crystal Lake, IL, Web:, phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Dekalb/Rochelle: Precious Pastures, Emily and Claire Plapp, 387 S Malta Road, Rochelle, IL, 61068, phone: 815-762-6867, email:, web:, Facebook: PreciousPastures. Jersey and Guernsey cows, allowed access to large pasture during summer, fed certified organic oats and hay. Prices are listed on our website. Colostrum is sometimes available–check for availability and price. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for pick-up.

Dixon: Windsweep Farm, Renee Sheaffer, 320 Palmyra Rd, Dixon IL 61021, email:, phone: 815-973-3224, Facebook. Owned and operated by Sheaffer family for over 70 years, now on their fourth generation. They milk Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, and Holstein, which graze during the growing season and receive a homegrown diet year round. No hormones or antibiotics are used, except antibiotics to help with the recovery from illness or injury, during which time that cow’s milk is discarded. Milk can be picked up daily at the farm; please provide your own containers and call 24 hours ahead to schedule pickup. Naturally raised, pastured beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, and eggs are also raised on the farm and available for purchase. Now selling mixed milk or by breed (Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, and Jersey) and quarts of cream.

Elizabeth: Creators Choice, Deborah Rodriguez and Peter Bratko, 3535 Headquarters Rd, Elizabeth IL, phone: 815-312-0912, email (preferred): This farm near Galena milks one grass-fed Jersey heifer. Raw milk $10/gallon (glass jars provided for $2), butter $5/half-pound. Ten one-gallon slots are available per week. Also available is goat milk at $15/gallon (glass jars provided for $2), goat butter $5/half-pound, goat cheese (cottage, yogurt, cream, sweet and brick) $7/half-pound. Eggs are $3/dozen. They also have Bartlett and Bosc pears grown without chemicals. The farm will also raise your beef, lamb, or turkey. Currently they have four beef cattle (9 months old as of 8/2012) and sell for less than high-end grocery stores. They request 24 hours notice for pick up. Call for directions.

Evanston: Evanston Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 1515 Washington St, Evanston, IL 60202, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Fairbury: Hoffman’s Little Acres, Scott & Anna Hoffman and children, located about 45 min. NE of Bloomington/Normal, one hour east of Peoria, one hour west of Watseka, one hour north of Champaign, and under two hours south of Chicago. phone: 309-530-4381 email:, web:, Facebook: They offer raw milk from their small herd of Jersey and Dutch Belted cows, plus raw goat milk from Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, and Golden Guernsey. Pastured pork from heritage breeds of pigs including Red Wattle, Old Spot, & Large Black. Pastured whole chickens raised in a bottomless coop moved to fresh grass daily.All animals are raised outdoors with shelter and fed transitional feed which is one step above Non-GMO. Free range chicken eggs, handcrafted goat milk soap, lip balm, and honey & maple syrup when in season. Limited supply of beef available. Farm store hours: Mon. 11am – 7pm, Tues. – Fri. 11am – 5pm, Sat. by appointment, Sun. Closed.

Frankfort / Joliet Area: Seven Sons Farms, web:, phone: 877-997-9449. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese and grass-fed meats. Note, the dairy products they sell other than cheese are not raw.

Geneva: Geneva Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 104 N Andover Lane, Geneva, IL 60134, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Greenview: D-Best Dairy, Fred and Helen, located 18 miles north of Springfield, phone: 217-445-2662. Saanen, Alpine, Nubian and LaMancha breeds producing fresh, sweet milk nearly year round. The does are pastured and supplemented with clover hay along with a small amount of grain at milking time.

La Harpe: Link Farms, Tom and Teresa Link, 2648 East Highway 9 La Harpe, IL, phone: 309-255-4506, email: Jersey Cow, fed no soy, also nurses her own calf. Raw milk available in limited quantities.

Lake/McHenry County Area: Briar Hill, Wauconda, IL, phone: 847-526-9536, email: Small family farm that has fresh farm products available from livestock and poultry that are grazing freely around the farm during the day and being fed high quality hay and oats as supplement to their diet. Products available include brown chicken and duck eggs from their flock of free range hens for your table or hatching, as well Icelandic fleece wool, peacock feathers, and live or dressed USDA processed and packed Muscovy duck, chicken, guinea, goose and sweet grass turkey, may be available for purchase. No corn, soy, wheat, growth hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or pesticides are used on their farm and they use only organic fertilizers to fortify the fields. All products can be picked up daily at the farm, and Cheese & Hard Cider Workshops are held on a regular basis. They only accept farm visits by appointment, please call 24 hours ahead for further information and to schedule pickup.

LaSalle County, Serena: Alpine Marketing & Sales Inc., 4060 E. 2351st Rd., phone: 815-496-3906, email: On Hoxey Road, 3.5 miles North of Route 23, or 7.5 miles south of Somonauk, Illinois. Registered Herd of alpine dairy goats. Goat milk, cheese and eggs availalbe, April-October.

Lemont: See Chicago area Fresh from the Farm Co-op managed by Sheri Giachetto, email:

Liberty/West Central IL: Zanger’s Wholesome Prairie, Joe and Laura Zanger, phone: 217-430-9884, email: Pasture-fed Guernsey cows, dirt-raised pork, free range chickens, honeybees, and occasionally pasture-fed beef. Products include: raw milk, cheeses, yogurt, butter, cream, broiler chickens, eggs, pork, honey, and beef. Cow shares are available with home/drop point deliveries.

Libertyville: Libertyville Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 29090 Old Rockland Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Mt. Carmel: Illini-Acres Dairy Goats, Alice & Leland Marriott, 12635 E 400 Rd., Mt. Carmel IL 62863, phone: 618-298-2469, email: have maintained a herd of registered dairy goats for over 25 years. Currently have Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburgs. They produce their own hay and feed. Milk available January through October. They sell raw milk according to IL law (bring your own containers).

Northbrook: Northbrook Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 1915 Holste Road, Northbrook, IL 60062, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Owaneco: Afterthought Farm, Vicki Boliard, 882 North 1700 East Rd., Owaneco IL 62555, phone: 217-565-0381, web: Raw milk year round from French Alpine dairy goats.

Peotone: Lake Sai Farm, Lings, 27750 S 104th Ave Peotone, IL 60468. phone: 312-391-7621, email:, web: Raw goat milk and raw yogurt from Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. Organic and free-pasture feed (grains, kelp, minerals, herbs, alfalfa hay).

Quad Cites Area:

  • Heart’s Quest Goats, Linda Du Shane, Lynn Center IL, phone: 309-781-3994, email: Dairy animals raised for milk, meat, and show. Fresh milk daily; will lease to approved clientele. Alpine, LaMancha, Saanen & Toggenburg; both registered and grade.
  • Windsweep Farm, Renee Sheaffer, Offers pick-up and drop-off in Rock Island. Email or call 815-973-3224 for location information. See their listing under Dixon or visit their Facebook page for more information about the farm.

QuincyCountryline Co-op, Julia, phone: 217-617-2369, Facebook: Countryline Co-Op. 100 percent grass-fed raw milk, butter, and beef. Pasture raised chicken and eggs. For further information or to contact them, you can find us on Facebook or give us a call.

Roodhouse: Phone: 217-589-4554. Raw milk available from Jersey cows on all grass diet. Several varieties of raw milk cheeses, butter and grassfed chicken eggs available. Grass fed beef and pork also available.

Shorewood: Shorewood Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 522 Bethany Dr., Shorewood, IL 60404, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Springfield area: Curry Heritage Farm, Linda Logan and Kim Curry, Eight miles east of Springfield – 48 S. John Wayne Road, Dawson, IL  62520, phone: 217-691-5539, email: Raw milk, yogurt, butter and ricotta cheese from Jersey cows grazing on grass, fruits and hay in the winter. The cows do eat sweet feed during milking. No hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers. Also available are chocolate colored eggs from Coco Maran chickens and Freedom Ranger meat birds. Please call before visiting.

Sugar Grove/Oswego: Sugar Grove/Oswego Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 276 Hampton Rd, Sugar Grove, IL 60554, web:, Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Wayne: Giggle Goats, 5N035 Munger Road, phone: 630-392-1898, email:, web: (in progress). Organic raw goat milk; goats are fed certified organic feeds; Organic eggs from cage free/free roam chickens that graze in pasture and get certified organic feed/scratch; Organic natural honey, where the bees have access to 3,500 acres of forest preserve, as well as an organic fruit orchard and clover field. No manmade products or artificial stimulants used in the hive.


  • Carol Stream Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 1030 W. Geneva Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187, web:, phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.
  • Wheaton Buying Club – Seven Sons Farms, 2230 Barger Court, Wheaton, IL 60189,  Web:,  Phone: 877-997-9449, Facebook: sevensonsfarms. Buying club pickup for raw milk cheese, raw camel milk, and pasture-raised meats & eggs.

Yorkville: Timber Creek Farms, web: A to-your-door organic produce company that sells raw milk cheese.

282 thoughts on “Illinois

  1. looking for the nearest location in Chicago area or North of Chicago, Evanston or Skokie ok too.
    thank you very much

  2. I am interested in raw milk close to iowa city, we have vat pasteurized, but am looking to try raw:)

  3. Do you know of any reasonably priced raw milk farmers with pickup location near Naperville/ Warrenville? seems to be $10/gallon .. yikes!

    I would be happy paying $4-$6/gallon for raw milk.

    • I welcome you to look around, and the more demand there is the more competitive pricing will be, but $10/gallon is not unusual for raw milk. I answered someone else’s comment on another page who was asking why raw milk cost twice as much as pasteurized ($7/gallon near this person). I answered as follows:

      I welcome any farmers to reply to this comment as well, but there are a number of reasons raw milk costs more. Our government subsidizes corn and soy, making those commodities a cheap source of feed for dairy cows (and meat cows). The raw milk you want is from farmers with cows mostly on grass (a little non-GMO grain at milking can be okay except for certain individuals who are very sensitive). Now of course, grass is “free”, but grass farmers are likely to have old-fashioned breeds of cows that produce less milk than modern Holsteins, but of much higher quality (primarily in the form of more cream). They don’t crowd their cows into cement-floor barns, etc. Modern commercial dairy cows are bred to produce crazy amounts of milk. They often have chronic mastitis, and pus gets into the milk. They’re fed cheap food (the aforementioned subsidized corn and soy, but also often bakery waste and other industrial food waste products). Everything that is done is meant to maximize the quantity of milk with little thought of the quality. Ultra-pasteurization means they can make it last longer, and homogenization means they can skim off some of the cream (to a standardized 3.5% for “whole” milk, or less for lowered fat versions) and use the cream for value-added products like cream, sour cream, ice cream, etc. I believe prices are also set for commercial bulk milk, meaning the dairy farmer is not really getting a fair market price for his milk.

      So the higher price for raw milk is for many factors: fewer cows, less quantity (breeds that naturally produce less milk), more quality (richer milk, more cream, more CLA, naturally occurring vitamins A, D, and K2, Wulzen anti-stiffness factor, and more), more perishable product, no artificial price fixing, etc.

      Grass-fed raw milk is so superior to pasteurized, homogenized, commercial milk that it’s unfair to compare them on price. They are completely different products. One is health-promoting, one is health-robbing. In some parts of the country, raw milk is much more than $7/gallon. Hope this helps.

      • The place we get milk from is $5 a gallon, thankfully! The next closest place to us is $10 a gallon, which I could/would never pay.

      • Thanks for the explanation on why raw milk prices are higher. As more people realize the benefits of raw milk and demand grows, I believe more farmers will switch over and prices will go down somewhat. We pay $5.99/half gallon where we are in CT. Yes, $12 a gallon seems outrageous, but convinced of the benefits over standard milk, I am willing to pay that. We did find a place 45 min. away that charged $5 a gallon, but I did not like the milk nearly as much, then found out it was from grain-fed Holsteins. I much prefer our fresh Jersey milk in glass half-gallon bottles for $5.99.

      • Something else you may consider is that when you purchase raw milk there is more than one product in the gallon that you have purchased. For instance within one gal of our whole milk you receive; one qt. of cream (last time I checked the store price on 1 qt. of cream is $8.00 +), in which you could make into butter ($2.00+/lb.) and a by-product of butter is butter-milk ($2.00+/qt.), finally there is of course the milk ($3.00+/gal.). Not to mention the quality of the product that you have just purchased over something picked up off of a shelf. So at the end of the day $10.00 doesn’t sound so bad! We sell our milk for $5.00, however I won’t be critical if someone else chooses a higher price especially if they have no problem moving the product.

      • $10 is still ridiculously high. I live in Illinois too and I get raw milk for $4/gallon (including plenty of cream on top) from a farmer who also has a smaller production but chooses not to raise it like that. I’m so grateful as I would not be able to afford it otherwise.

        • Where in Illinois is this farm located? I’m actually in WI, so close to the border would be the only place I could utilize. I know you can’t give the exact name, so I’m hoping I could find it by location.

        • $10/gallon for raw milk is not considered high. It depends on the farm and location. We have three areas of pick up: Malta/DeKalb, Barrington and Glen Ellyn. You can certainly pay a lower price if you drive out to the more rural areas to pick up your milk. We service the Chicago area as well as the north and west suburbs. We feed non-GMO organic feed. I don’t believe consumers understand the high cost of organic feed for farmers. We can actually charge $12 to cover all of our costs, but choose to charge $10. We have the highest quality Guernsey milk around and pass this on to all of our customers!

        • Hi can you email me the info for the supplier you use please I would be so grateful! I am in the Evanston area ant info on locations near by would be appreciated!

          • there is [redacted] drop off site in evanston but there prices are ridiculously high. One of the kind fellows gets it for me every other week from wheeling thru [redacted] $10 a gallon. seems reasonable to me. since organic milk at TJ is $6. there is also a farm match fee for $4 per month. it is expensive but i guess this is the cheapest i have found. Also if you are interested in taking turns picking up once a month from wheeling please let me know

          • Please encourage these sources to contact if they would like to be listed on this site. We don’t mention sources even in comments, that haven’t agreed to be listed because some cannot take the additional demand this site brings and some want their privacy, or not to come to the attention of government harassers. Thanks!

          • @Noor I can’t see the details in your comment yes I would be interested in taking turns picking up that would be great!

    • Maybe you should consider the high costs of dairy goat farming! check out Walmart’s goat milk price @$4.16 per quart. Do the math! Plus it’s not even quality goat milk!

  4. For the person near Peoria: I don’t know how far you are willing to drive, or what quantity of milk you are looking for, but I have a mini milk cow who just calved west of Galesburg, IL. We also have mini goats that I milk, but they haven’t kidded yet this spring…soon I hope 🙂 How much are you looking for/per week/per month/ etc. and what kind of price are you willing to pay?

    • Sorry, hope I didn’t confuse you — I’m not the person you were replying too… but Ive been curious about raw milk and we live in Galesburg. I’d be interested in doing some business with you if possible.

      Again, thanks.

    • Hi! We just moved to Abingdon.
      I would LOVE to get some raw milk from someone in Galesburg! Please contact me! knittindigoATgmailDOTcom

    • We need raw dairy in Galesburg! What would you charge for cream? I can use milk in making yoghurt, but use cream in my coffee. Please let us all know!

      • For Galesburg interest: I am sorry but several AI did not work with my cow…so she is dry & not pregnant at this time. But the positive is that I recently bought a bull. I am awaiting test results on him to make sure he is in perfect health, then I will breed my cow. It will unfortunately be 10 months before she would calf & give milk. If there was significant interest in raw milk in the galesburg/ monmouth area I would consider buying a cow in milk now. For Diana: for cream, I have tried a cream seperator…but I think it changes the milk & cream taste. The best cream is risen to the top of a container of raw milk, so buying a 1/2 gallon of raw milk will give you the tastiest cups of cream for your coffee ( I would lick the spoon!). I think price would be $5.50 gallon. The cows are on small pasture & alfalfa/ grass hay. We give them treats too. My kids drink what I milk so I don’t do any chemicals. If you are interested in raw milk, say in 10 months, ( or poss. earlier as discussed above) email me at no spam, sales, or garbage PLEASE!

  5. I’m looking for an area either around Carbondale, IL, or Springfield IL, from which to buy raw milk. Thank you.

    • if your still looking for raw milk… im milking sanaan goat…willing to sell to you under the IL. regulation..(redacted) leave a message and I’ll get back to you .thankyou Ken

    • McConauchie Farm, south of Carlyle lake is between both cities & is offering raw jersey, guernsey milk as of Feb 2015. You can get contact info on their website.

      • Hi, thanks for your interest and helpfulness. Please suggest to the farm that they request to be listed; we do our best not to mention farms in the listings or in comments unless they’ve agreed to be mentioned. This site often brings negative attention from government authorities even when selling raw milk is legal through one venue or another in that state (e.g., retail, on-farm, herd share, private contract, etc.).

  6. I am also looking for ‘happy cow’ fresh cream, milk and grass fed beef near Elgin- does anyone know of a great place?

      • Hi, thanks for your interest and helpfulness. Please suggest to the farm that they request to be listed; we do our best not to mention farms in the listings or in comments unless they’ve agreed to be mentioned. This site often brings negative attention from government authorities even when selling raw milk is legal through one venue or another in that state (e.g., retail, on-farm, herd share, private contract, etc.).

  7. My daughter Olivia was born at 30 weeks. She has had multiple surgeries on her small intestines to remove blockages. Now months later she still having problems with her tummy, along with many other medical problems. We are looking into raw goat’s milk, since i am not able to breastfeed anymore 🙁 We don’t have a lot of money, I am looking for someone with raw organic goat’s milk at a good price, or possibly, If we bought a goat someone to raise it for us. Can anyone help?

  8. Angela, where are you from? I live in Casey, IL and if close enough would consider raising a goat for you in exchange for some of her milk.

  9. Would there happen to be anyone close to west il? I live in Berwyn and have been trying to find a place nearby that sells raw cow milk. My husband keeps asking me to get some but I told him I didn’t think they sold raw here. It would be a nice surprise for him if I got it for him.

  10. What is a best place around Naperville for raw milk & do they let us know for how many days could we use this milk if refrigerated ?

    • The raw milk I’ve had kept easily for two weeks. Make sure it’s always refrigerated properly (I picked it up with a cooler and cold packs for the ride home). I held extras in a second refrigerator at 34 degrees (set any colder and it may freeze, which may harm the beneficial microbes that are the true purpose for drinking raw milk). My farmer said he had a distant customer that always kept “double orders” for four weeks. The health of the cow determines the health of the milk.

      Raw milk eventually spoils into other products that can still be consumed, while pasteurized milk rots into something not fit for humans. You can make yogurt, farmer’s cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, curds & whey and many other fermented products that keep even longer (just Google the recipes). All of them will taste richer and more flavorful than *anything* you can find in stores. We’d stand in line for french toast, and practically fight over custard. 🙂

      Inspect the farm. There should be no waste, no flies, and you should see scrupulous attention to cleanliness everywhere. I once saw a worker disassembling a piece of equipment and set all her tools on a towel on the tile floor. I asked about the towel; it was there “to keep the floor clean.”

      My cowshare farmer was eventually forced to low-temp pasteurization through no fault of his own by his insurance company when his local agent retired. I’ve gradually grown weaker ever since.

      • I must say, as a cow owner, that my barn is not perfect, but where I milk my cow is clean. I use sanitary conditions to milk, clean, & prepare my milk for drinking. I would never worry about my barn floor being emaculate however. What I do worry about, is making sure my cow has good hay, a barn/ shelter out of the elements ( you would be surprised the dairies who do not provide this…maybe so their floors stay emaculate), & no chemical fly sprays that poison her milk…I guess I would rather have a couple flies in my barn. It is important to clean a barn, as cows have a habit of producing a lot of fertilizer, but to expect it not to be…well….a barn, is the very reason people have been scared of raw milk in the first place, that somehow it’s not ” clean”. I use a closed system to milk, so no flies can contaminate my milk anyway. My suggestion to people looking for raw milk, is to watch someone milk. See how they clean the udders, the care they give their cow, & the focus on natural, so the milk they get is not only clean, but healthy!

  11. I’m looking for raw jersey, goat, or gurnsey milk close to Freeport, IL. I currently drive 23 miles one way to get milk each week but would love to cut that driving time down. I prefer organicly grass-fed animals.

  12. I live in Des Plaines. I am looking for a raw milk here. Can you help me. I found only one farm in burington so far. They charge $10 per galon which is ok but the membership fee is $100. Extrremely high.
    My daughter is allergic to many cosmetics and more so i really need to fing a raw milk. Please help 😀

    • am wondering if you found anything closeby. I got raw milk from wheaton I think cow milk is $10 a gallon but no membership fee. you just have to pay $4 per month and you can order as much as you can. lt is too far so wanted to see if I could find more people interested so we cd take turns milk pooling.

  13. I’m not sure Moograss Farms is in business anymore. Their website gives the following error:

    Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    There also doesn’t appear to be any traffic on their Twitter account and no active Facebook account, either.

  14. Where is the closest pick up to CHICAGO? as far south as I could hope. looking for a cow share and grass fed meat and chicken. Thanks!

  15. Looking for a place in the Illiana area to purchase raw milk and cheeses.We’ve been searching for quite some time. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

  16. Hello,

    I am looking for raw grass-fed cow’s milk for our family.
    We do not own a car so the only way to pick it up would be by public transportation, hopefully close to Lakeview/Roscoe Village area. Any suggestions are appreciated!
    Thank you!

  17. I need to purchase some raw milk for my daughter. I used to get it from Belles Lunchbox and am having trouble locating them. I live close to Aurora IL. If some one could help me find a Co-op that sells raw milk close to me that would be much appreciated.

    • Patty

      Were you able to find a place to get raw milk (whole) near around Aurora/Naperville, IL area? I’m also looking for it. Please let me know.

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  19. I’m also looking for the closest raw milk option for people living in Elgin, IL. I’ve read the entire list of replies and while it appears there are a few of us inquiring no one has replied to us. Can someone please be of assistance? Thanks!

  20. Hi, i’m looking for raw milk in the southern Illinois/carbondale area. Is there really nothing available here? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  21. Which of these locations would be closest to the WI border? Like near Kenosha, WI. (I’m sorry, I know I could look up each location but there are quite a few! If someone happens to know, I’d appreciate it.) Thanks!

  22. hello, we live in tinley park illinois. we would like to try some raw milk to start with but i am not sure where to go or what to do from here. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  23. Hi,
    I’m looking for Raw goat or cow milk near Canton, IL or in Galesburg, IL. My husband has difficulty drinking store bought whole milk, but if he puts heavy whipping cream in it he’s ok for awhile. Thanks.

    • Diane, did you ever find a local farm with decent prices? I’m in the same area as you and still looking for milk less than $9.

  24. Hello, Milky People!

    I’m interested in locating some raw goat milky goodness for my special someone and would like to find a local source. We are near the Alton area and hope to find some soon!

    Thank you, Milky People!

  25. I am in Woodstock, IL and have a Jersey that produces more that my large family and pigs need. We are looking for anyone who is interested in sharing the milk to both enjoy the benefits as well as help us supplement the cost of quality hay.
    815 219 5741

  26. I need raw goat’s milk anywhere in the Chicago area, including Lake County, Woodstock, Waukegan, Rockford, etc. Thank you. I am in Schaumburg, Palatine, and Wheeling but I know this is so extremely difficult to find so as long as a bus can get there I can get there. If it is further away like Rockford or Joliet then I will have to get a driver. If anyone does drop-offs to these areas that is great as well. I am homeless so it has to be available for me to buy.

  27. I live in Lindenhurst Il and am looking for organic, grass fed raw milk in the Lake County, Illinois area. Please reply to my email. Thanks

  28. Pingback: Real Milk is Gaining Ground as its health benefits become known

    • Sorry for the delay in response. Thanks very much for commenting. Please encourage those farms to contact us and be listed here. We only list farms, or mention them in comments, if they’ve agreed to be listed here. Too often this site is used by gov’t agencies to find and harass farmers! Thanks for understanding.

  29. Galesburg IL. I will have extra raw milk available in May 2014. We are just a local family that tries to raise/grow our own healthy food. I have a beautiful pure Jersey who will calf in May. She is A2A2 milk tested. We try to live/feed as organic and/or gmo-free as possible, but can’t guarantee completely. We do not spray or chemically fertilize our pastures or yard, or use flies sprays on our animals. I have never used anibiotics on my cows. If you are interested, I will sell for $5/gallon & $2.50/half gallon. Those who want regular daily/weekly supply will have priority as there is limited extra. You must pick up at our farm with your own containers. I will have new store bought jars/jugs available for sale at cost for those who forget. You can e- mail me at Please put “raw milk” in the subject line, or I probably won’t open the e-mail. (Due to raw milk regulations this particular milk is being sold for animals, not us healthy humans -as I am advertising here.) Thanks and be well.

    • Update: We have milk! I still have a few gallons left…but going fast. (That’s a good thing 😉 ) It is filtered. It is raw. I am selling for $5/gallon or $2.50/ half gallon. The bonus: If you bring back the whey from first gallon, you get a $1 off next gallon. That means if your animals are cheese eating machines, your raw milk is only $4/gallon. My # is 309-371-9842. No sales, solicitations, or rude comments on raw milk issues. Friendly discussions always appreciated when time permits. Thank you.

  30. We have pick up in barrington glen ellyn and dekalb area. We own and milk the cows so nobuyer’s club. Check out our website for more information and prices.

  31. Hi,
    I am an international student from India looking raw cow or goat’s milk nearby carbondale area. Since I have a lot of stomach problem, I can’t eat most of the foods. I can drink raw cow or goat’s milk. Could anyone please help me to get some milk?

  32. Why oh why is there no Raw Cow Milk available in southern Illinois?? I am in Salem. There is nothing but goat milk.

  33. Hello…I have raw goats milk …if u would like phone me after 5:30 pm or be 6:15 am
    618-435-7974 Ken… Or call Larry @ 618 -663-8951… Hope we can help you with all your needs…. Ken

  34. Providing farm sources only by state doesn’t allow consumers to locate and compare all their closest options, or for a particular product, or at a certain price range, much less quickly and efficiently, as is shown by the numerous comments asking for help in doing so.

    So would you please add search functions to the locator? I would like to be able to search for sources of different products (goat milk, cow milk, cream, etc.) separately, and for sources closest to me after selecting my state, county, and zip code. In addition, the cost range per gallon we are searching for would be welcome option. I hope the farmers listed are allowed to update their listings often directly to add seasonal availability, etc.

    Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provide to consumers!

  35. I live in Lake County close to Round Lake. Can you give me a listing of some farms in this area please? Apparently it seems there are farms in this area who sell raw milk, but would rather not be listed here for obvious reasons that I totally understand. But, I have no way of finding them, so could someone please contact me and let me know where I can find them so I can do some research for my family and decide which one I’d like to purchase from? Thank you so much!

    • We are an hour east of St. Louis. We provide milk to a number of families who drive over an hour for our rich milk. We stock them up with enough for a week or so until they can come back. You can find our contact info above under McConauchie Manor Farm.

  36. I am in Chicago on the south side by the University of Chicago in the Woodlawn area. I would like to know if any organic and raw dairy farms are involved in any of the cities “Farmers Markets”?

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  40. Do you know anywhere I can get raw milk near Illinois/Wisconsin border? I live in Kenosha, WI but willing to travel a bit to get raw milk. Thanks.

    • Hello Liz, We are in the planning stages of taking over a family farm that currently is a mix of grazing pasture and crop land. We have 3+ years experience working with raw dairy both on our homestead and at a raw milk dairy. We plan to start our own with either Jersey or Guernsey milk cows and graze them on the pastures, and use our herd of Katahdin hair sheep to convert the cropland to pasture. We do not plan on grazing the dairy cows on the cropland until it is well established. The farm is located near Prairietown, IL just a couple of miles from the Macoupin county line. If you will send me an email at we will keep you updated and let know when we will have raw milk available. It would be sometime this summer at the earliest. Right now we are trying to gauge interest so we can make a decision on how many dairy cows to start with. We have not set prices but they will probably be in the $8-$10/gal range. We are a family farm intent on making a living from the farm…..not simply covering some feed costs of our personal cows.

    • At McConauchie Manor Farm, near lake Carllyle, we serve several customers who drive over an hour to get their milk from our farm. We stock them up for a week or so until they can come back for more. We would be happy to provide you milk if you cannot find a farm closer. You can find our contact info above.

  41. I live in Lake County buffalo grove il. Can you give me a listing of some farms in this area please? Apparently it seems there are farms in this area who sell raw milk, but would rather not be listed here for obvious reasons that I totally understand. But, I have no way of finding them, so could someone please contact me and let me know where I can find them so I can do some research for my family and decide which one I’d like to purchase from? Thank you so much!

  42. I live in Clinton, IL, 61727. Tel #217-935-8469. Am very interested in buying raw cow milk, grass, hay fed–no additives, just like when I was a child on a farm in the 1940’s. Call me if you know of a place I can buy raw cow milk, say, within 25-30 miles of Clinton. Thanks & God Bless————-

  43. I live in Clinton, in about the middle of the state of Illinois, about 25 miles north of Decatur, tel #217-935-8469. Where, within 50 miles of Clinton, can I buy raw cow/goat milk?

  44. Sarah, call me at 217-935-8469. I’m very interested in buying raw cow/goat milk. Want to know prices & if you have glass jars/jugs to sell. Please hurry—times a-wasting————-Charley Hall, Clinton, IL.

    • Sorry but we are not actually selling raw milk at the moment. Lots of issues with selling it and with our co-op. But thank you for the interest! If anything changes I will let you know.

  45. This is for the dairy farmer who didn’t want to rid the flies in his dairy farm using chemical sprays, etc. Have you tried the old fashion “sticker tape” that hangs from the ceiling? The only problem is where to find this item—-Charley in Clinton, IL.

  46. yes thankfully i found a family who picked up raw milk for me last week from [redacted] farm. you can contact [redacted] farm and find out if someone is willing to do that for you or maybe take turns?

    • Please encourage these sources to contact if they would like to be listed on this site. We don’t mention sources even in comments, that haven’t agreed to be listed because some cannot take the additional demand this site brings and some want their privacy, or not to come to the attention of government harassers. Thanks!

  47. Amanda if your the same one that got cost milk from me before. You can call or face book me @ akreacresgoatfarm . worhs with yahoo also…

  48. Folks, does anyone ever get an answer to their question as to where they can find raw milk producers near them? I’ve asked three times since March 8th without any response whatsoever————–Charles W Hall in Clinton, IL. e-mail:

    • This is the webmaster; I’m one person in Virginia so I cannot answer where you can find producers near you. I know it’s not as convenient as it could be, but the purpose of these pages is to give a list of raw milk producers by state. It still involves legwork to figure out which are closest to you (looking up towns on google, etc.). Asking where you can find raw milk near you via the comments is unlikely to help because I’m moderating comments and have to cross reference every comment against the existing listings. So if someone replies to you with “hey sure call Farmer Brown in Smallville” the comment goes into moderation and I have to check if we already have Farmer Brown listed. I can’t just let people reply with farmers who are not on this site, because many farmers do not want to be on this site. It does draw a certain amount of negative attention from state depts. of ag and health. Or, they don’t want to be listed for their own privacy, or because they can’t actually meet the demand that this site and other avenues would bring them. And I am regularly very behind on comments anyway (this is a parttime pursuit, and the priority goes to posting new listings, editing listings, and removing listings). Whenever I can finally get the funding to move all the listings to a form based input that automatically maps them, it will be easier to zero in on a listing close to you. But I do not know when that will be. I have shopped the statement of work around a little and we don’t currently have the money it would take.

      • Hey, we appreciate what you have done very much. Without our health, we are physically lost. You are helping us to stay healthy and that is really big. Thanks!

      • Yes thank you; didn’t realize you were in Virginia and doing this part time.

        Keep up the good work.

        I didn’t know you could even buy raw milk until a pharmacist friend in California told me about your site.

  49. Hello, I will be moving to east debuque Il in a month and I would like to know if there is a place where I can buy raw cows milk Around the city. I am willing to drive up to 40 milles to get my raw milk, also some organic pork meat. Thanks!

  50. I am in search of a raw goats milk shares? Does anyone know of a place that is near or delivers to the Illinois/Indiana border?

  51. I emailed and called Natasha at the Gypsy Ranch at Barrington. I never received a response. It seems the farm doesn’t exist or the contact info is outdated.

  52. Looking for raw milk near Rockford, IL. Seems most locations listed here are too far from Rockford to be economical as far as driving is concerned.

  53. Looking for Raw milk and grass fed beef near Belleville IL ( just east of St Louis). If there is a farm near us on the Illinois side of the river that would be ideal. Thanks!

  54. I am looking for raw milk (cow or goat) near Morris/Joliet, Il but willing to travel! If anyone in this area has info on a raw milk farm please contact me, thanks!

    • Try Amish and Healthy Food at 1025 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
      between Cortez St & Augusta Blvd., West Town, Ukrainian Village. They pick up raw milk from Amish farms in Indiana every Wednesday at dawn.

  55. Hi, I live in downtown Chicago and I am interested in raw dairy products, pastured eggs, chicken and grass fed beef. Are there any delivery options available to me ? I am able to do pickups on Saturday afternoons (although deliveries will be way more convenient). We are planning to have a baby in the year to come and I need to find a source for the desired items.

  56. HI!!
    I’m looking for raw milk/grass fed beef, etc in the South Northwest Indiana area (south of Lowell) or Bradley/Kankakee area since I work out that way

    Any ideas???

    Thanks so much

  57. I am looking for organic goats milk and I live in south loop of chicago area. Anyone know of any farm? Many thanks!

      • Thanks for your interest and helpfulness. I’ve removed the name of this store…please encourage them to check out our site and decide if they’d like to be mentioned here. Many farms and stores do not want the negative attention that being listed here sometimes brings from government organizations.

    • Hello!

      I know that this comment is old, but if you are still looking for raw milk in the Quincy area, my husband and I have started a co-op! Here is a link to our Facebook page.


  58. I’m learning more about the danger of pthalates, which are found in all dairy products – contaminated by the plastic tubing used for milking cows. Is there anyone who uses pthalate-free tubing to milk cows?

  59. I just moved to O fallon Illinois and im not too familiar with this area. What is the nearest location to me to purchase raw milk?

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