Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well. www.farmtoconsumer.org

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Oklahoma:

Statewide-Private Buying Club:

  • Miller’s Biodiversity Farm: leave a message at: 717-786-7895. 100 percent grass-fed. 100 percent of their milk is A2-A2. Real nutrient-dense products directly from the farmer. They ship nationally to doors in all 48 contiguous states. Reduced or free delivery to groups in NJ, NY, and MA. Open to establishing new drop sites throughout the US. Willing to be a vendor at your workshop or conference. Products: raw grass-fed milk – cow, goat, sheep and camel, raw yogurt – cow, goat and sheep, raw kefir – cow, goat and sheep, raw cheese – cow, goat and sheep, raw cream, sour cream, cottage cheese w/ cream, butter, ice cream; pasture raised meats – beef, pork and soy-free poultry, soy-free fertile pastured eggs, beef suet, tallow, pork fat, lard, beef and chicken stocks, cultured vegetables, homemade breads, soaked/dried nuts and seeds, raw honey, maple syrup, kombucha, beet kvass. They are a buying club; free to create an account and purchase with them. Visit amishbiofarm.com for details or to place an order. They guarantee customer service and product quality.


  • Red Cedar Farm, Jamie Perry, phone: 580-332-5079. No milk available at this time.
  • Byrd’s Dairy, Larry and Virginia Byrd, phone: 580-265-4301. Raw goat milk available for $6/gallon or $2/quart. No hormones or antibiotics used in production. Animals are fed locally mixed feed and alfalfa hay.
  • Mt. Liberty Farms, Wes and Brooke, phone: 580-235-1626. They have a family milk cow that produces too much milk for them to consume. Molly is a sweet A2/A2 Jersey cow, that is raised on pasture and fed organic feed at milking time. $7/gallon. Call/text for availability.

Allen: Byrd’s Dairy, Larry and Virginia Byrd, Rt.1 Box 225L, Allen OK 74825, phone: 580-265-4301. Raw goat milk available for $6/gallon or $2/quart. No hormones or antibiotics used in production. Animals are fed locally mixed feed and alfalfa hay.

BeggsCheckerboard Creek Farm, John & Anita Deupree, 5310 Herrick Rd, phone: 918-267-4021, email: checkerb@cbcfarm.com, web: cbcfarm.com. Raw goat milk (fresh or frozen), free-range eggs, goat milk soap.

Big Cabin: Prairie Trail Livestock, Beth Clappison, (45 min NE of Tulsa off the Will Rogers Turnpike), phone: 918-504-7654, email: info@prairietrailnubians.com. Raw goat milk from Nubian and Alpine goats fed a mixed feed made with grains from local mills and alfalfa hay. They have free access to grass during the spring, summer and fall and in winter are fed Bermuda/clover mixed hay baled off the farm. Goats are tested negative for CAE, Johne’s and brucellosis. Goat milk is $10/gallon; $5/half-gallon.

Blanchard/Dibble (20 mi S of Oklahoma City on Hwy 62):

  • Cross Timbers Farm, Lisa and Mike Lusby, 3286 East Veterans Memorial Hwy, Blanchard OK 73010 (20 mi S of OK City on Hwy 62), phone: 405 485 6075, email: Crosstimberfarm@hotmail.com, web: crosstimbersfarm.net. Family farm selling raw goat milk, goat milk products, and eggs. They raise registered Nubian, Saanen and Alpine dairy goats on alfalfa and fescue/rye/Bermuda grass pasture. $8/gallon for milk; $4/dozen for eggs. Goat sales and farm tours also available.
  • Lookin Up Ranch, John and Cathy Harms, 21440 Portland Ave., Dibble, OK 73080, cell: 405-205-7298, email: jcharms@lookinupranch.com, web: lookinupranch.com, Facebook: facebook.com/lookinupranch. This small family farm  has Jersey cows and chickens and offers milk and eggs to the public. No hormones or antibiotics used in production. Their cows are pastured on grass throughout the year and supplemented with premium alfalfa and grass hay. They feed an all-grain sweet feed while they milk. Raw milk is available for pick up in half-gallon glass jars. Milk is $6/gallon with a $5 jar deposit. Brown eggs are $3/dozen. Contact them to make sure they have milk or eggs available.
  • Stewart Dairy Farm, Randy, Chris, or Dusty Stewart, (1 mi S of intersection of East Veterans Memorial Hwy/Hwy 62 and MacArthur Blvd), Blanchard OK 73010, phone: 405-485-3385, email: stewartdairyfarm@outlook.com, web: stewartdairyfarm.com.  Stewart Dairy Farm is a fourth generation dairy farm keeping registered Brown Swiss cattle raised on native grass and alfalfa (no growth hormones, antibiotics or grain and they do not used chemicals on their fields). Raw milk is $5.50/gallon. Eggs can also be purchased for $4/dozen.
  • Swinging K Farm, Dawn Kreger, phone: 405-392-5603, email: info@swingingkdairygoatfarm.com. Family run farm, raising registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Fresh or frozen goat milk for $6/gallon or delivered to drop point in OKC for $7/gallon. Also offer handmade goat milk soaps and lotions.


  • Hickory Hollow Homestead, Vester and Michele White, 20605 S. 401st West Avenue, Bristow, OK 74010, phone: 918-844-6055, email: hickory_hollow_homestead@yahoo.com, Facebook: HickoryHollowHomestead. Preferred contact is via email or text. Open for farm tours and milk pick-up by appointment only. Raw milk in season (February – November, and usually extended). Raw milk is available directly off the farm in Non-BPA plastic half gallon jugs for $10/gallon or $6/half gallon. They use a professional raw milk approved milking system and feed local hay and locally milled grain combined with high quality minerals. Kids are dam raised for their first 2 weeks whenever possible, and often left to be raised by their dams. ADGA Registered LaMancha kids, and the occasional adult, are available for sale. Goats are bred to improve milk production, ease of care, parasite resistance, and confirmation with improvement of the breed in mind. Kids are reserved with a deposit in advance or email for current selection. Goat’s milk soaps and herbal preparations (salves, etc) are available in small batches. So text or email to check inventory.Available to teach classes on a variety of topics such as soap making, herbal preparations, and cheese making, email or visit their Facebook page for more information
  • Craig and Jen Massey, 37701 W. 361st Street South Bristow, OK 74010, Craig’s cell: 918-807-0155,Jen’s cell: 918-740-6108, Farm (land line): 918-367-8907, web: www.knightsrest.org. They have one endangered dairy breed of dairy cows, Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) and a new breed for the USA, Viking Red (Danish Red) which comes from Denmark. Both breeds excel in grass based milk production. They also have Guernsey and Jersey crossbred girls. They breed for A2/A2 beta casein and test for diseases. They have 160 acres and pasture cows full time. They raise replacement cows using nurse cows and feed very little grain, focusing on good grazing and healthy pastures. They have a small herd to tailor to cattle’s individual needs. Fresh whole raw milk available for sale year round, $4/gallon. Please call ahead to reserve and schedule pickup time.
  • Twisted Acres Farm, Lola and Stephen Carter, 45637 W Hwy 16 Bristow, OK 74010, phone: 918-633-8464, email: Lolathedogtrainer@gmail.com, Facebook: twistedacresfarm. They raise purebred Lamancha goats on their 45-acre farm. Owned and operated by a 100 percent disabled military veteran. Animals graze lush pastures all day and are only fed grains when on the milk stand. Milking areas are clean and animals are in good health. They flash chill and filter milk immediately. Milk is also tested once a month for butterfat and protein content. They also produce soft cheeses and yogurt as well as caramel. Price for milk is $10 per gallon fresh and $8 per gallon frozen.

Chandler: K-line Dairy Farm, Mike and Carol Kline, phone: 405-258-8584 or 918-866-2281. Jersey-Holstein cross cows fed on grass pasture and locally grown hay. Cows do get some natural grain in winter months. No antibiotics or herbicides used. Milk is $3/gallon picked up in your own jug. Call to get on list for daily or weekly pick-up. Spots filling up quickly.

Checotah: Lisa Berry, phone: 918-348-4959. Milk $6/gallon if you bring your own jug. Jersey/Holstein cross.

Chelsea: Dill’s-A Little Goat Farm / Dorsey-Lane Nubians, Chris and Ellen Dorsey, 21181 E Hwy 28A, Chelsea OK (across the road from the World’s Largest Totem Pole in Foyil OK), phone: 918-342-1425, email: ellendill@sbcglobal.net, web: dillsalittlegoatfarm.com. Raw goat milk and colostrum from healthy Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian dairy goats. They also sell pasteurized milk and colostrum, so be sure to ask for the raw.


  • Colortime Nubians, Christina, 14124 E. 440 Rd, Claremore OK 74017, phone: 918-342-6830, email: cowgrlsweetie@aol.com. Raw milk from Nubian and mini-Nubian goats sold off the farm for both human and pet consumption, frozen colostrum when available, free-range brown and blue-green eggs. They pasteurize milk on request so make sure you are getting raw milk. Email or call Christina first for availability and pricing.
  • Swan Brothers Dairy Inc., 938 East 5th St., Claremore OK 74017, phone: 918-341-2298, web: tiawah.com/swandairy.htm. Raw milk available for purchase at the farm. Grass-fed on unsprayed pasture. No herbicides or hormones used. Raw milk cheese available for shipment within continental US (call and have Visa or MasterCard available).

Corn: Double E Farm, Elaina Payne, 11167 N 2330 Rd, Corn, OK 73024, phone: 405-929-9454. Guernsey, Brown Swiss cows milked providing fresh milk daily. Cows are pasture fed, given Bermuda and alfalfa hay daily as well as fed a grain mixture at milking. $5/gallon. Fresh milk sold by appointment only. Please call or text to place order or sign up to be a weekly customer.

Coyle: Shekinah Springs Farm, Bethany Morris, Coyle OK (45 min. North of OKC), phone: 405-206-4898, email: lovemygoats@gmail.com. Raw goat milk and goat milk soap from healthy herd of Nubians.

Crescent: Cutter Family Farms, Rick & Elena Cutter, County Road 68 & Hwy 74, Crescent, OK, phone: 405-774-1717, email: rcutter@gmail.com.
This family farm has free-range beef cows, a milk cow, and chickens.
They offer raw milk, eggs, & grass-fed beef to the public. No hormones
or antibiotics used in production. Their milk / beef cows are pastured
primarily on grass in the growing seasons and grass hay in the winter.
Raw milk is available for pick up in half-gallon glass jars. Milk is
$6/gallon with a $5 jar deposit. Brown eggs are $3/dozen. Contact them
for availability of raw milk, eggs, or beef.

Dacoma: MollyMoo Creamery, 17248 CR 450 Dacoma, OK 73731, phone: 580-278-1418, email: Mollymoocreamery@gmail.com, web: Mollymoocreamery.weebly.com, Facebook/Instagram: MollyMooCreamery. Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. They feed locally grown feed supplies and are a rotational grazing farm. Raw milk, cream, butter, and cheese available.

Davis: Cream O’ the Crop, Shorty and Lenora Thompson, phone: 405-665-5321, Facebook: facebook.com/creamothecrop. They raise Adga registered Nubian and Lamancha goats, fed a mixed grain on the stand, natural minerals, alfalfa and good mixed grass clover hay, plus 30 lush acres to browse. They have milk for $4/half gal. or $8/gal. with a $2 deposit for jars, they also sell fresh eggs, $3 doz., and young fryer rabbits, live or dressed.

Drummond/Enid: Sand Hill Farm, Christine Ramseyer, 11600 W. Longhorn Trail, Drummond, OK 73735, phone: 580-554-1184, email: chris4drummond@pldi.net. Facebook messenger: Christine Ramseyer. They have a mixed dairy goat herd of Nubians, Lamanchas, and Saanens. Pasture raised with local grain mix, vitamin supplements and herbal worming techniques. No antibiotics. $3.50/half gallon with jar exchange.
Price break for regular purchases. Goat milk soap and pasture raised chicken eggs available as well. From Enid go 5 miles west on SH 412 and 5 miles south on SH 132. Left on Longhorn Trail, first mailbox on the left. Text messages work best after the initial order.

DuncanTall Grass Jerseys, LLC, Dereck and Aubrey McPherson, 291413 Old Hwy. 7, Duncan, OK 73533, phone: 580-656-7055, email: aubrey.mcpherson@yahoo.com. Facebook: tallgrassjerseys. Located just east of Duncan, they offer A2/A2 milk from registered Jerseys. They are a small family farm with fresh milk and free-range eggs available daily. No hormones or antibiotics used. They feed the cows a small amount of non-GMO locally milled grain during milking and are pastured on native prairie grass. Supplemented with local native hay during the winter. Fresh milk is available for pick up in half gallon glass jars. Milk is $7/gallon with a $2 bottle deposit and eggs are $4/dozen. Call ahead of time to ensure availability and to be put on the weekly pick-up list. Driving directions upon request. They also sell registered/non registered Jersey cows for family milk cows, with or without calves.

EdmondProvidence Farms, (NW Edmond), phone: 405-359-8359, email: providencefarmsok@gmail.com, Facebook: providencefarmsok . A small family farm that raises all grassfed Guernsey and Jersey dairy cows. All cows have the A2A2 protein. Cows only get grass that has not been sprayed, and organically grown alfalfa. The milk is filtered with dairy grade filters and bottled in glass jars only. The milk is $10/gallon or $5/half gallon. They also grow organically grown vegetables on farm when in season.

El Reno: Redlands Community College Darlington Agriculture Education and Applied Research Center’s Grade A Goat Dairy, phone: 405-422-1422, email: agriculture@redlandscc.edu. Goat milk available.

Elgin: Ballou Farms, Mr. Billy Ballou phone: 580-591-1519. Fresh raw milk from grass fed milking shorthorn cow. No unnecessary antibiotics or hormones used. Please call Kimberly in Cache area at 580-512-1395 to find out about convenient ordering services of locally grown/made products. Also please call Ballou Farms Meat Market 580-492-6328. Locally grown, fed and sold!

Erick: The Holmberg Farm, Chuck and Cheryll Holmberg, phone: 580-821-2595, web: holmbergfarm.com, email: cheryll@holmbergfarm.com. Goat milk and cheese from goats grazing on pasture that is never treated with herbicides or pesticides, as well as daily alfalfa and corn. Hard and soft cheeses available for sampling at the farm.

Fairfax: Saltcreek Nubians, Linda Myers (owner), 2735 County Road 5909, Fairfax OK 74637, phone: 918-642-3035, email: lmyers@cimtel.net. Raw goat milk available seasonally (spring, summer, and into autumn), from naturally fed Nubians. No chemicals used.

Fairview: Nunn Family, Adam and Denise, 10 miles west of Fairview, between Chester and Fairview on Hwy 60, phone: 580-227-7250. They have Holsteins, Jersey crosses, and brown Swiss.


  • Grace Family Farm, Guthrie (3 mi N of Edmond along I-35), phone: 405-282-2652, web: gracefamilyfarm.com. This 2 1/2 acre farm is owned by a large family (two parents and seven children at home). Their vision began with a desire to produce food without chemicals or added hormones for their family, and grew with their desire to start a family business (giving their children a percentage of the profits). Their small herd of Nubian Goats eats alfalfa hay and at milking time receives a supplement of grain. They sell raw goat milk for $10/gallon and goat milk soap. They also have a CSA program.
  • Sooner Gold Dairy, Warren Presnell and Melissa Snelling, 2401 W CO Rd 74, Guthrie, OK 73044, phone: 405-464-9946, email: Warren.Presnell@gmail.com. This family farm has registered La Manchas, Saanens, and chickens. They also offer milk and eggs to the public. No hormones or antibiotics are used. Goats are fed alfalfa/grass, hay, and grain feed during milking. There is milk available 365 days a year. Milk $10 Gallon/ Eggs $4 Dozen.

Holdenville: Upon A Rock Nubians, Wilkinson Family, Holdenville OK, phone: 405-379-5504, email: okwilk213@itlnet.net. Raw goat milk $7/gallon, $4/half-gallon; free-range eggs when available $2.50/dozen.

Idabel: Anna’s Goats, (SE corner of OK; 60 mi from Texarkana, 60 mi from Paris TX, 100 mi from Sulphur Springs TX, 4 hours from OK City), phone: 580-208-3840, email: annasgoatmilksoap@hotmail.com, web: annasgoats.com. Serving NE Texas and SE OK. Raw goat milk and goat meat from goats that roam on a 40 acre pasture. Free-range eggs, free-range turkeys, free-range guineas. Homemade goat milk soap and lye soap (vegetable and animal based). No hormones or antibiotics used.


  • Four-Oaks Farm, Georg Ann Mundis, 21995 E 560 Rd., phone: 918-543-4985, email: fouroaksfarm@tds.net. Raw goat milk (fresh or frozen) and raw milk cheeses, available seasonally.
  • Silversprings Farms, 20454 E. 570 Rd, Inola OK 74036, phone: 918-543-3769, email: dairygoatplace@yahoo.com. Farmstead and small batch products. Raw goat milk off the farm, fresh or frozen, some goat milk soap, goat milk fudge and free-range brown, blue, and green eggs. They milk seven Nubians and an occasional MiniNubian. Call or email ahead.

Loco: Udder Bliss Creamery, Mike & April Thompson, 30501 E 1890 Rd, Loco OK 73442, phone: 940-613-2180, email: udderblisscreamery@gmail.com, web: udderbliss.com, Facebook: udder.bliss. Grass-fed dairy. Milk, cheese, soap, lotion, spoon fudge. Available to North Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Free delivery of selected items.

Locust Grove:

  • Daisy Acres Farm, email: cara24@fairpoint.net. Raw goat milk available seasonally beginning in March. Brown eggs from pastured chickens $3.50/dozen when available. Pasture-raised chicken available end of May. Goat milk soap also.
  • Spirit Farms, Sarah Tarver, 11346 S 435 Rd, Locust Grove OK, phone: 918-728-5644, email: SpiritFarms@aol.com, web: Spiritfarms.webs.com. Raw goat milk from small herd of dairy goats. Goats are fed all natural feed and local alfalfa that is not chemically sprayed. Available fresh or frozen, $6/gallon, $4/half-gallon, $2/quart. Bring your own container or they can provide you with a glass container for a one-time fee of $2. Eggs $2.50/dozen. They also operate a small herb farm that consists of culinary and medicinal herbs. Heirloom tomatoes available in limited quantities and other items such as goat milk soap, lotions and herbal products. See website for farm hours.

Manchester: Wildrose Farm, Mary and William Kellogg, RR1-Box 66, 73758, phone: 580-694-2372, email: thekelloggcenter@hotmail.com. Raw goat milk (seasonally available), goat meat, various cheeses, kefir, free-range eggs, birds raised to order, and vegetables. Naturally raised goats, with access to woods and browse, and given custom-made goat minerals.

Mannford: Guinea Ridge Farm, Sharon Babcock, 8605 S. Hwy 48, phone: 918-352-4152, email: guinearidge@aol.com. Raw Nubian and Oberhasli goat milk for sale. No preservatives, hormones, pesticides used. Large brown eggs and baby goats for sale.


  • Ball Farms (between Yukon and Mustang on SW 29th St), phone: 405-570-6716. Registered LaMancha dairy goats. They offer raw goat milk for $4/half-gallon if you bring your own container. They will lend you a container for a small deposit if you don’t have one. Call for availability.
  • Berry Creek Farm, Larry Hocking, 5901 Stewart Dr., Mustang, OK, 73064, phone: 405-659-3879, email: berrycreekfarm.ok@gmail.com, web: berrycreekfarm.us, Facebook: berrycreekfarm. Heritage breeds: Brown Swiss dfairy cow (hand-milked and grass-fed), chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. Berry Creek Farm is a registered organic farm with the goal of producing the highest quality food for Oklahomans. Vegetable/fruit CSA option available. All animals are pasture-grazed to help ensure their welfare. Berry Creek Farm grows barley, rye, clover, and milo as well as Bermuda and native grasses. Milk $7/gallon, chicken eggs $7/dozen, duck eggs $7/dozen, goose eggs $2/each, broiler chickens and turkeys farm-raised and farm-processed $7/pound. Pick-up at farm. Call ahead.


  • Hedge Hollow Nubian Dairy Goats, Dan & Lisa Nietfeld, HC-62,173-2 Hwy. 28, Nowata OK, web: hedgehollownubians.vpweb.com, phone: 918-214-4880. Fresh or frozen raw goat milk.
  • Flanders Creek Dairy Goats. Cheri Flanders-Lewis, HC 62 Box 143-1, Nowata OK 74048 (3 mi S of intersection Hwy 28 and Hwy 60 between Chelsea and Nowata), phone: 918-798-1141, email: DeanLewis49@hughes.net, web: FlandersCreek.Com. Raw milk (fresh or frozen) and eggs.

Oklahoma City: Prairie Thyme Farm, 18801 Sunvalley Rd. Newalla, OK 74857 phone: 405-589-7361, email: prairiethymefarm@yahoo.com, web:  www.prairiethymefarm.com, Facebook: Prairie Thyme Farm. They have a herd of Nubian, Lamanchas, and Alpine dairy goats. They are raised on 10 acres of pasture with free choice local alfalfa and prairie grass hay with local sourced grain on the milk stand. They use as many natural and holistic practices as possible. The following products are for sale: raw moats milk, pasteurized goat milk, kefir, cheese, yogurt, soap, and lotion. Baby goats are also available in the spring and summer. The farm is open by appointment only at this time. Farm tours and volunteer opportunities are available.

Owasso: Little Lockett Acres, Patricia & Josh Lockett, 11106 N 189th E Ave, Owasso, OK, 75044. phone: 918-504-4256, email: tricia@littlelockettacres.com. Fresh or frozen raw goat milk. Goat milk products available, such as soap, lotion, etc. Milk $8/gallon, chicken eggs $3.50/dozen, duck eggs $5/dozen. Pick-up at farm. Please call ahead.

Perkins/Stillwater: Jeremy and Angela Linzey, phone: 405-315-0445. Cows and goats are on unsprayed pasture and are fed only non-GMO feed, no soy, antibiotics, or hormones in their grain. Cow milk is $6/gallon and goat milk is $4/half-gallon. They do provide new plastic containers or you may bring your own half-gallon or gallon jars. Call ahead for pick up.

Poteau: Cardoza Ranch, Frank Cardoza, 35812 Kerr Mansion Rd., Poteau, OK, 74953, phone: 917-396-7561, email: frank@crancho.com, web: cardozaranch.com, Facebook: ranchcardoza. Jersey cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. All animals are pasture-grazed to help ensure their welfare. Milk $6/gallon, chicken eggs $3/dozen. Open hours are 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday. Special arrangements if you call ahead for Saturday. Cardoza Ranch can also be found at the Old Town Poteau Farmer’s Market. Pick-up at farm. Call ahead.

Pryor, Mayes County: GraysLland Acres, 2960 North 438 Rd., Pryor OK 74361, phone: 918-825-1522, email: myra@graysllandacres.com, web: graysllandacres.com. Raw goat milk available from small herd of Nubian, Alpine, and LaMancha dairy goats. Also goat milk soap and lotions. Call or email for directions and availability.

Sand Springs: Heavens Little Acres, Marshall and Jana Hager, phone: 918-245-1291, email: Hlacres@aol.com. Raw goat milk, goat cheese, and free-range chicken eggs. Dairy has been in operation since 1995 and currently milking 19 healthy Nubian goats. No herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics used. Call ahead for availability and directions.

Southwest OK: Kamin Shine Farms, Kristina, (near Altus & Mangum), phone: 580-471-8392, email: kaminshinefarms@hughes.net. Goat milk for sale for on farm pickup from LaMancha goats fed feed with no animal by-products. Eggs from free-range chickens, fruits, and vegetables.

Spencer: Flyaway Farm, S. Morris, PO Box 223, Spencer OK, email: flyawayfarm@gmail.com. Raw goat milk $9/gallon by pre-order only, March-Oct.


  • Jorgensen’s Goat Milk Dairy. phone: 1-405-377-5795, web: Jorgensengoatmilkdairy.webs.com. Nubian goat milk for sale in glass canning jars that are vacuum sealed for freshness. $2/quart or $7/gallon. Also offer raw goat yogurt for $2.75/quart, as well as a variety of goat cheese, including feta, chevre, cheddar, colby, havarti, edam, coltswold, provolone and dessert cheeses. Try before you buy! Goat milk soap and lotions also available for sale. Call to order; see website for hours and location.
  • Off Our Rocker Ranch, Miles & Brecinda Robertson, 10520 E 19th Ave, Stillwater, OK, 74074. Phone: 405) 612-1432, Email: offourrocker@att.net, Facebook: www.facebook.com/offourrockerranch, Offering raw goat milk and free range eggs. Milk $7 per gallon. Animals fed locally milled grain at milking, non-GMO alfalfa and native prairie hay. No hormones or antibiotics used.

Stroud: L R Family Farm, 49701 W. 341 St. S., Stroud OK, phone: 918-510-1899 or 918-968-9360, email: everado757@yahoo.com. Milk ($6/gallon) and cream ($8/gallon) available year round. Cow milked on day of pickup. Honey available in fall. They may also have a few kids for sale.

Tahlequah: GoatTown USA, Nicole Pool, Tahlequah OK, email: nclpool@yahoo.com and poolnicole@hotmail.com, website: http://www.goattownusa.com, phone: 918-207-1999. Supplier of raw goat milk (fresh or frozen), purebred Nubian kids, free-range chicken eggs.

Thomas: Small Town Jerseys, Lester and Ronda Unruh and Derek, 705 East Nebraska St., Thomas OK 73669, phone: 580-661-2137, cell: 405-222-8241, Derek’s cell: 405-243-6035, email: lunruh@pldi.net.  The Unruhs began milking Jerseys a few years ago for their own use. Cows are grass fed, with some grain during milking and in the winter some alfalfa hay is fed. Now selling to other locals. Cost is $5/gallon. Call ahead anytime or email and check availability.

Tuskahoma: Trinity Ranch, Darrin or Rachael Goode, HC64 Box 3070 Tuskahoma, OK 74574, phone: 918-983-0018/918-839-2404 (call or text), email: trinityranch12@gmail.com. We offer Jersey milk at 4 dollars/gallon, butter at 2 dollars/half pound, and cream at 3 dollars/pint. Our cows are pasture kept but they are fed creep and alfalfa pellets during milking.

Vian: Wild-Cat’s Acres, Jo Ann Wildcat, Rt 1 Box 205-A, Vian Ok 74962, phone: 918-773-8782, email: jwildcat@ipa.net. Raw milk, baby goats, and puppies occasionally.

Wagoner: Greer’s Farm, Shane & Missy Greer, 10948 N. 20th St. W., Wagoner OK 74467, phone: 918-857-1629, email: Shanegreer2@juno.com. Raw goat milk from Nubian dairy goats.

Wann: TK Livestock, Tessa and Kennedy Kramer, phone: 918-697-8665, email: tkramer1269@gmail.com, Facebook www.facebook.com/tklivestock. Small, family-run farm raising Nubians,Saanen mix dairy goats, feeder hogs, free range chickens and vegetables during summer months. Fresh raw goat milk available that comes in half gallon glass jars. $7 gallon/$4 half gallon for off the farm pick up only. No deposit for jars, just bring back and they will switch them out each time. Dairy goats are fed quality hay and grass year round with non medicated grain on the stand. Fresh eggs available $2.50/dozen, also chickens for butcher. Feeder hogs are available, call or email for pricing. Baby goats available for purchase through the spring and summer months. Deposit required to hold as they dam raise the kids, and remaining amount due when pick up after weaned. Goat milk soap also available. Call, text or email.

Welling: Canyon Ridge Farms, Chrys & Marty Tinsley, PO Box 82, Welling OK 74471 (NE OK about 75 mi E of Tulsa; 75 mi W of Ft. Smith AR), phone: 918-931-0043, email: info@canyonridgefarms.com, web: canyonridgefarms.com. Goat milk sold from the farm and supplied by Nubian dairy goats. Frozen goat milk is available for those needing to feed young or orphaned animals. Eggs and seasonal produce also available. Pick up at the farm; some products available at area farmers markets. Call ahead to place order and check availability. They accept cash and PayPal.

Welty: Sun Up to Sun Down Ranch, Toni West, 369181 E 960 Rd, Welty, OK, 74833. Phone: 918-623-1140, Email: sunup2sundownranch@earthlink.net, Web: www.sunup2sundownranch.net. They have dairy goats (nubian, alpine, nubian/spanish cross, and alpine/spanish cross), as well as a jersey/holstein/angus milk cow. The goats and cow are all grain fed at milking time and pasture and/or hay fed during non-milking times as well as given alfalfa. No antibiotics or supplements are given. Raw goat milk is $9/gal and raw cow milk $7/gal. All milk is sold in supplied FDA-approved milk jugs to ensure safe consumption and sale of  milk. Located about 16 miles south of Bristow on Hwy 48 and about 18 miles northwest of Okemah. Available weekdays anytime 8 am-5 pm and via phone call after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends.

Wewoka: Dixie Lease Farms, 900 E. 14th St., Wewoka OK 74884, phone: 405-808-3226, email: kdkincade@gmail.com. Raw Jersey milk, call for availability and current price. Grass fed except for a little feed at milking time. Hand-milked.  We also sell grassfed beef by whole, half and quarters, chicken fryers and fresh eggs.

Wilburton: Black Lotus, Heather Anderson, 1191 SW HWY 1 Wilburton, OK 74578, email: heathera9015@gmail.com, web: blacklotushomestead.com, Facebook: blacklotusnubians. They raise ADGA Nubian goats and sell fresh raw milk, soaps, and lotion. Milk is $8/gallon and must be picked up on site per state law. Bring your own container or buy their half gallon glass jars for a one-time fee of $2 each and swap them out when you need a refill.

Wyandotte: LOMAH Dairy, Stanley and Donna Johnson, 23800 S. 690 RD, Wyandotte OK 74370 (1 mi from MO border), phone: 918-533-7132/7134, email: johnson-d@mssu.edu. Oklahoma state licensed raw milk bottling plant. Milking grass-fed Jersey cows (farm’s grass hay fed in winter months). Cows receive grain (no chicken byproducts) at milking. No hormones used. Milk is jugged each morning and placed in a cooler for you. They are now making cheese, and will offer raw milk cheese in the future. Open 5:00 am until 10:00 pm.

Yale: Country Gardens Farm, Tobie & Neva Alsip, 21619 E. 19th St., Yale OK 74085 (1 mi off State Hwy 51; 17 mi E of Stillwater; 40 mi W of Tulsa; 9 mi N of Cushing), phone: 918-387-2548, email: milk@cgardens.net. Raw Nubian goat milk, raw kefir, and soft fresh cheeses available for purchase as pet food, at the farm (call first). Goats browse on 80 acres of unsprayed woodland and meadows. Their diet is supplemented by alfalfa hay in winter months and whole grains from local mills while being milked. No herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones used.:

YukonBall Farms, (between Yukon and Mustang on SW 29th St), phone: 405-570-6716. Registered LaMancha dairy goats. Raw goat milk for $4/half-gallon if you bring your own container. They will lend you a container for a small deposit if you don’t have one. Call for availability.


128 thoughts on “Oklahoma

  1. We have made some changes to our farm. Here’s the current information. I just copied and pasted our information to try to make it easy. Thank you so much for all you do. All for Him, Fleshmans

    Guthrie: Grace Family Farm, Guthrie (3 mi N of Edmond along I-35), phone: 405-282-2652, web: gracefamilyfarm.com. This 2 1/2 acre farm is owned by a large family (two parents and seven children at home). Their vision began with a desire to produce food without chemicals or added hormones for their family, and grew with their desire to start a family business (giving their children a percentage of the profits). Their small herd of Nubian Goats eat alfalfa hay and at milking time receive a supplement of grain. They sell raw goat milk for $10/gallon and goat milk soap. They also have a CSA program.

  2. My family and I are relocating to the Fort Sill, OK area this summer and I would like to find a raw milk source somewhat nearby. I am unfamiliar with the local towns and the state as a whole. Any suggestions are helpful. Thank you.

  3. Our son lives in the Edmond area of OK City, OK. He is interested in finding raw cows milk, plus pastured beef, chicken, and free range eggs, etc
    Is there any sold at farmer’s markets or small produce stands in that area?
    Thank you,

    • The OSU-OKC school has a farmers market every Saturday and they have farmers that sell what your son is looking for. Tell him on the grass-fed beef that hbe needs to ask specifically if it is 100% grass fed. Some beef states grass-fed which they are but by law they can also be fed a certain % of grain and or soy and still put grass-fed on the package which he would not want. They aren’t trying to hide anything but you still need to be a smart consumer and ask the right questions. Good luck!!

  4. We live 19 miles out of Lawton/Fort Sill and would like to find real milk for sale, as of raw milk in our area. We make kefir, yogurt and cheese homemade and the ‘white-wash’ they sell as milk in the stores is just not right. I had no real milk since 2001, and I really miss it.

    • Do you have the information of the place in Chickasha? I found it before and know I don’t know where I found it at.

    • I’ve tried to find a source near Chickasha and haven’t yet. If you know of one please post their contact information so that we can determine if they still exist.
      Regulations being what they are in this state, I don’t want to have to “buy into” a herd just to purchase milk. Supposedly the law says as long as you buy the milk “on site”, at the rancher’s home, it is legal for them to sell it. So, we need a location.

    • [Farm name redacted] is 30 miles northwest of Enid, between Goltry and Jet. Raw milk is available for purchase from the farm. Raw milk cheeses, as well as pasteurized butter, Greek yogurt, mozzarella, etc. also available. Grass fed. No grain. [Phone number redacted].

    • Hey Lena! I live in Midwest City too! The farmer’s market at OSU-OKC carries milk from Lomah Dairy in Wyandotte, OK. It is a lot closer than some of the other places, but I don’t think it is completely raw. I believe they said it is the closest to raw they can legally get it to sell outside of the farm. It is wonderful though. There is Stewart Dairy farm in Blanchard. It’s about a 40-45 drive from us. That farmer’s market also has GREAT fresh eggs from a lot of different producers! http://www.osuokc.edu/farmersmarket/

  5. I called the Lindzey farm and said it’s $8/gallon, not $6, and that they won’t even have any cows until mid-september. I’m curious as to why it’s listed as it is.

  6. Hi I live in cordell Could you give me the info for Chicasha. It is not too far . I need raw milk too. on said:

    I guess I entered the commet in the wrong place. woops!
    I would like to find milk near cordell, but chickasha is not too far. Do you have an name or phone number or website near there? Thanks Bonny

  7. Coming from Hwy 75 down McKinney, TX way. Which of the above places would be selling goat or cow raw milk?

    Maybe you will know which is the closest farm for me to drive to on the weekend?


    • I looked at an article written about Lomah’s and they do sell it in Tulsa, but it is pasteurized because you can’t sell raw milk in Tulsa County. They use VAT pasteurizing, which uses low heat and barely affects the taste of the milk.

      • I’m looking for raw grass-fed/pastured cows milk in or around LeFlore county Oklahoma. I don’t mind driving a while to get good quality milk.

      • I am moving to West Tulsa the end of June. I get raw milk here in PA and was really upset about Tulsa county’s rules. I was so excited with all the places to buy organic in Tulsa, then find out…NO Raw milk. I can’t find your location here. Do you still have your family cow or know of any cowshares near W. Tulsa. Thank You. Carol

      • I am moving to West Tulsa the end of June. I get raw milk here in PA and was really upset about Tulsa county’s rules. I was so excited with all the places to buy organic in Tulsa, then find out…NO Raw milk. I can’t find your location here. Do you still have your family cow or know of any cowshares near W. Tulsa. Thank You. Carol

      • new To This site. what Is a Hurd share? I’m Wanting To Buy a Very Young Heifer To Raise And Calf So i Can Milk Her. sounds stupid, i know, but Don’t Know Of Another Way To Find Out.

        • Herdshares or cowshares are arrangements where people buy a cow or goat, or shares of a herd, and so they own the animals and thus their milk. Meanwhile, they pay the farmer an additional amount to take care of the animals, milk them, and have the milk available for share holders (or possibly even deliver it). It is a very old legal arrangement that has worked well in many states. No where is it illegal to drink raw milk, and if you own the animals you own their milk, so the farmer paid to take care of them isn’t selling the milk to you. You’ve hired him as a caretaker.

  8. New to the Tulsa area, from Springfield MO. Looking for a pasture fed, raw milk supplier. Also looking for pasture chickens for eggs and meat and also veggies. Thanks!

    • Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa. Lomahs dairy sells there. Wonderful raw milk, yogurt, Greek yogurt, cheese etc.

  9. $8 and $10 per gallon? Wow, if only the poor could have access to such quality foods. We could probably do away with the Medicaid program and have healthy children too. Is it really that expensive to feed goats and cattle grass and alfalfa? Or is this about greed? Someone please educate me; I would really like to understand. Thank you.

    • The question is less about why raw milk is “so expensive” vs. why commercial milk is so cheap. Commercial milk prices are artificially low because of government subsidies (thus, we’re all paying, via taxes, more for commercial milk than the price tag at the store). In addition, The corporations cut every corner possible to produce milk more cheaply, including intensive, crowded, stressful conditions for cows. They selectively breed modern lines of Holsteins for quantity over quality. They remove much or all of the cream to sell reduced fat and skim milk and then sell the cream in valued-added products like butter and ice cream. They are always happy to get away with any drug or food supplement that will increase milk production.

      Certainly it is true that for raw milk farmers feeding the cows the grass growing in their fields is not the major input. Most do supplement with some grain or a feed mix, which is one cost (if they did not supplement, they would get very little milk from their cows and their cows would get too thin). Healthy old-fashioned breeds of cows do not produce the huge quantities of milk that modern lines of Holsteins produce. Modern milking, milk storage, and bottling equipment is not cheap. The steps raw milk farmers take to ensure the cleanliness of their farms, milking parlors, and equipment add time and expense. Farmers milking for commercial distribution are allowed higher levels of pathogens because the milk processor will pasteurize it (usually, but not always, killing the pathogens–while of course destroying enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and some nutrients).

      Marketing their product as a small independent producer is not cheap–they don’t have the benefit of guaranteed bulk milk sales to commercial dairy collectives or the food distribution systems the milk bottlers have for getting their products in stores. Huge milk processing plants have the benefit of economics of scale, including miles of piping that is difficult to keep clean–consumers get the added benefit of traces of these cleaning chemicals in their milk.

      Commercial milk that is reduced fat or skim has powdered skim milk added to it to “improve mouth feel” although this does not have to be disclosed on the label. The oxidation of cholesterol in the powdering process makes normally healthy cholesterol damaging to you, as free radicals are formed.

      So as for the question of greed, I would look at big business and the millions, maybe billions of subsidies, tax cuts, and other forms of corporate welfare they get, before accusing my local farmer of greed. Look at how most of them live–it’s nothing fancy compared to the executives of food corporations. I don’t begrudge my raw milk farmer a good living, since he or she is a responsible steward of the land and animals, and producing a life-giving food utterly different than commercial “farm-fresh” milk.

      Hope this helps.

      • I would pay, will be paying from now on, $8 for milk to know the cow, the farmer, the land. I have never met Mr. Tyson. I don’t know about his morals or his wife. I don’t know if I can trust him to have MY family’s best interest at heart. $8 to KNOW my farmer has MY children on his mind when he produces MY food.

      • LOVE THIS RESPONSE!!! That was quite informative and reminded me quite adeptly as to why I am on this site right now! Yes, it costs more, but we are getting a MUCH better product!

      • Thanks for your well informed response. We only milk our one Jersey, but it is much more expensive for us to drink than to buy milk from the store. I wouldn’t even want to think how much one gallon REALLY costs us! Besides the cows initial cost, usually around $1,800, there’s vaccinations, worming, cleaning, equipment care, etc. She also doesn’t produce milk for 3 months while she’s waiting to deliver.but we still feed her well. Grain prices don’t go down, just up. We bale our hay, but still have to pay the man who bales it for us, plus the gas for our tractor to move the hay, clean the barn. The list goes on & on for small incidentals that raise the price involved in keeping a dairy cow.

      • Just interesting how many little children who are poor and need families can have foster parents and bennifit from this good food quality food, if only we (people posting and interested in healthy food) would take the time to help them. It’s estimated in OK if only one person in each Church, Mosque, or temple would foster one child they would all have foster homes. I’m praying that people wake up to help the truly poor in a big way! Also food is given away in Norman OK with no questions asked from a community farm in the city every Saturday. Lets find a way to help!

        • The state of Oklahoma allows EBT or Access cards to be used at Farmer’s Markets. Sprouts and Urban Agrarian are good places to take food stamps. (Processed milk, yes, from a very good local dairy.)

  10. I am 21 yrs old and I have always known I wanted children and I thought I was going to have to become my own farmer to feed the children that I want in a way that I feel is a parents job. I could almost cry because I realize that I can be normal and have a job and not have to find a ten acre plot somewhere so that my family can eat. It means I don’t have to get up at 5 am to know the name of the cow that will be feeding my children. I could just about cry… Maybe that doesn’t matter in the big picture, what the cows name is, but it will mean the difference to me.

  11. Myself and my family live in tahequah ok and are
    Looking for a place to buy fresh cow milk near us
    CAn any one help

  12. Hello. I live in Newcastle, OK and I’m looking for a raw goat milk source that is 100% grass fed only. So no GMO alafala, anitbotic, hormones, and grain free. Do you know of any farmers that does this?

  13. Hi, my family just moved to Mustang, OK . We moved here from upstate NY where I had sources for Raw milk and pasture raised meat. We had our own chickens but can’t have them now where we live. I am looking for farms where I could purchase raw milk and grass Fed beef. Please email me at workinggirl51@hotmail.com. Thank you.

  14. Hi: my family just moved to Watonga ok, we have 4 children under 5 yr , I will not feed them white paint from the store..Looking for raw cow or goat milk . I had to sale my goat dairy back in Idaho, please email me soon. Thanks

  15. Love to find raw milk when we move to Sawyer, OK (close to Hugo) in December. Right now I buy my raw milk at Swan’s Dairy but when we leave Tulsa I need to find raw milk. Its really important for me. Does anyone know of a dairy selling raw milk close to us.

  16. I live in Broken Arrow, OK on 101st (W. New Orleans St.) between S Lynn Lane Rd. and S 193rd E. Ave. I am wanting to kind a place within an hour of my home that sells at least raw cows milk and eggs. I wouldn’t mind a place that isn’t far from my work either. I work at 101st (W. New Orleans St.) and Memorial in Tulsa. I tried looking through them all, but couldn’t decipher everything. Thank you for your help!!

    • Hi,
      I am about an hour away in Adair….our family cow is producing excess now. We have chicken eggs. Also we have duck and some turkey eggs.

  17. We will be traveling from MN in January down through Joplin then through Choteau and Wagoner. Any farms in that area sell raw cow milk? Thanks!

      • do you still have excess raw cows milk I live in broken Arrow. Would be interested in buy. what is your price.

      • We have raw goats milk year around. the farm is 7 miles from Chouteau. Milk from pastured LaMancha goats fed non- GMO alfafla,, no insecticides, antibiotics, herbicides etc.

  18. I live in Chickasha and was wondering if anyone knew of a farm or farmers market that that sold fresh brown eggs? Thanks!

    • You can get farm fresh free range eggs at the Chickasha Country Store just west of 29th st. on hwy 62 to verden. They are $3/doz and you won’t find better eggs anywhere!

  19. Where are the listings for Oklahoma City areas? It goes from Nowata to Perkins, to Stillwater… nothing listed for Oklahoma City even though a couple listings say to refer to the Oklahoma City listings? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much!

  20. Ohhh, okay. Well, darn! I make frequent trips to Norman, so that may be feasible. Thank you for responding and letting me know!

  21. I am very interested in buying raw cow’s milk from pastured/grass-fed cows without hormones, anti-biotics, etc. I live in LeFlore County, OK near the state line of Arkansas. I don’t mind driving a ways to get good quality product. I’d also be interested in doing a cow-share thing where I pay the farmer for shares of the milk, cream and butter.

    • You might look above @ the city of Vian farm and Locust Grove, both cities on the border of Arkansas as I remember.

  22. Hi, do all these local farms export raw goat milk overseas. Im looking for a healthier choice of milk for my family. We are living in singapore.

  23. I am in Checotah,Ok am looking for some goat milk near me. I would buy on a consistent basis. I am new here so I am not sure how many of these places are close by. Please help!

  24. My mother live near Altus, OK and I have been searching for raw milk to make cheeses and soaps for a few years now, but haven’t had any luck finding recent info. Would anyone know of any farms that are still producing milk nearby?

  25. I am new to Ardmore, OK and I’m looking for a farm close by for fresh goats milk. I’m not sure what towns are close by.

  26. I live in [redacted] Oklahoma and offering raw goats for sale. The going price is 10 dollars a gallon. The best number reach me is at [redacted]. I hope to hear from you soon.

  27. 6/25/15-Purchased fresh raw goats milk from Ball Farms in Mustang (Canadian County) and it tasted wonderful! Will buy from them again!

  28. Does anyone know where to buy raw cream near Oklahoma City? We know where to buy the milk, but separating it out yields little cream and a lot of skim milk (we don’t like drinking skim). I really want to make our own raw butter and sour cream and would love to buy a carton of cream!

    • Go to OSU OKC farmer’s Market on Portland and at the very back of the barn, the gentlemen can help you find Mr. Pratt who can locate someone who has cream, hopefully. He is very concerned and COOPs his booth with many farmers, I believe.

        • Forgot to tell you that if a farmer above has a 405 area code, you may only have to drive 30 minutes to get their cream. Also I know a goat milk farm but they are not on here off Sooner Road. You can advertise on Craigs list with the need, see who responds?

  29. We want to provide our customers with healthy organic goats milk to improve their quality of life and health. We offer a subscription service for our customers and offer deliver, giving you complete control and freedom. We are located in Guthrie Oklahoma and are working on becoming grade A certified. Call 9403999746 or 5808232563 for more information or send an email. Thank you and stay healthy!

  30. Do any of the dairy farms near Norman OK make ice cream, or have interest in doing so? It would be for a small local retail shop.

  31. I live in the Lawton area is there an updated list for real milk, I have called 2 places 1 is outdated and the one East of Duncan is still up and running. Any help will be appreciated.

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  33. Thanks for such a great resource! I’m relatively new to Tulsa and just started sourcing milk and eggs for the holidays. This is making it much easier – goat milk and eggs – done, and next up, raw cow’s milk. I’m looking forward to the day when raw milk is far more easily found. Keep up the great work, and thank you again. I’ll be sharing the site often!

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  35. I live in the Oklahoma City area and we would like to know where we can find 100% grass fed Milk, eggs, beef, pork, cheeses, and real butter made from grass fed raw milk please help. Cow milk preferred but goat milk is ok.

  36. I live in the middle of OKC and am looking for a place to purchase 100% organic, grass fed raw milk and cream and beef as well. Thanks.


  38. Hello, my husband and I are wanting to go more organic and natural foods and have really been looking into it. We have been buying more naturally made products at the store, but have recently found the “organic milk” at the store actually the cows are feed gmo grains and eat other foods that have chemicals so they aren’t actually 100% organic to what we are looking for. We have found different information but we are curious what others have to say.

    So the question is this……why do they say there are dangers in raw milk direct from a farmer and how often do those dangers actually occur or has it actually happened to anyone?

    Thank you everyone!,

    • Almost any food could carry risk but some foods are much safer than others. Dairy, raw or pasteurized, is safer than many other foods in terms of the number of instances of illness, severe illness, etc. We have a number of articles, reports, and official testimony here about the safety of raw milk of itself and in relation to the relative risk from other foods.


      There are practices farmers should adhere to to further reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Cows should be fed mostly or exclusively grass (out on pasture most of the year, hay in barns in winter–a little non-GMO grain at milking, preferably soaked/sprouted, can be helpful for the cow to maintain her weight, although some consumers are very sensitive and have to find 100% grassfed milk). Udders should be cleaned before milking, milked into a stainless steel container, and the milk cooled immediately, etc. (these are broad strokes I’m listing, not a complete regimen).

  39. Hi I just moved to Lawton/fort sill area and am looking for fresh/raw milk from cows or goats and fresh eggs. Any suggestions? It looks like the Elgin one no longer has dairy milk. Am willing to drive about 50 miles if needed.

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