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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well.

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Online Private Buying Clubs

  • Camel Milk Association is a private membership association that delivers raw camel milk to your door anywhere in the US via online ordering. Camels receive soy-free, GMO-free feed. Hormones and antibiotics are not used.
  • Miller’s Organic Farm is a private membership club with online buying clubs located in CA, FL and NC. Raw cow, goat, sheep and camel milk and dairy products; fermented vegetables and beverages, soaked nuts and seeds, raw honey, maple syrup, popcorn, potato chips, ghee, olive oil, breads, muffins, beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, chicken and duck eggs, animal fats, stocks, wild salmon and haddock, Green Pasture Blue Ice products and more.
  • Miller’s Biodiversity Farm: leave a message at: 717-786-7895. 100 percent grass-fed. 100 percent of their milk is A2-A2. Real nutrient-dense products directly from the farmer. They ship nationally to doors in all 48 contiguous states. Reduced or free delivery to groups in NJ, NY, and MA. Open to establishing new drop sites throughout the US. Willing to be a vendor at your workshop or conference. Products: raw grass-fed milk – cow, goat, sheep and camel, raw yogurt – cow, goat and sheep, raw kefir – cow, goat and sheep, raw cheese – cow, goat and sheep, raw cream, sour cream, cottage cheese w/ cream, butter, ice cream; pasture raised meats – beef, pork and soy-free poultry, soy-free fertile pastured eggs, beef suet, tallow, pork fat, lard, beef and chicken stocks, cultured vegetables, homemade breads, soaked/dried nuts and seeds, raw honey, maple syrup, kombucha, beet kvass. They are a buying club; free to create an account and purchase with them. Visit for details or to place an order. They guarantee customer service and product quality.

Raw cheeses:

Ice cream:

  • Artisan Freeze, Miami, FL 33172, phone: 857-210-9568, email:, web: They offer homemade raw kefir ice cream from 100 percent grassfed and grass-finished cows. Their raw cow milk is provided by Miller’s Organic Farms and Joash Creamery. Their ice cream is 100 percent homemade. Their raw kefir is homemade from kefir grains following the traditional method. They provide shipping to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia – when ordering online. Their products are also distributed by My Healthy Food Club in Miami Dade County, Southwest Ranches Farmers Market in Southwest Ranches, and Marando Farms in Fort Lauderdale. As per Florida law, raw milk must be labeled for animal consumption.

Web Directories for Local Foods

For more sources, order the Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping Guide for $1 (better yet, join the foundation and get one free, in addition to the fantastic quarterly journal).

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  1. Buenas tardes, esta permitido fabricar artesanalmente queso blanco fresco, en los siguientes estados;


  2. Hey!

    I’ve been on this site numerous times and I’ve recently returned from France where I had the pleasure of trying raw milk for the first time and I’ve definitely realized that I’ve been missing OUT! Does anyone have any leads for anything in Toronto?? I’ve emailed the contact onyour list twice to no avail. I’d really appreciate any assistance or tips.

  3. Hi,
    I am currently living in Donguan Southern China.
    I am trying desperately to find pasture fed produce and raw dairy products. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. Hi live in Williamstown NJ I am looking for raw goats milk and cannot seem to find it locally, would love to be able to have it delivered or close pick up? If anyone has any information it would be appreciated

  5. Hello! I am looking to purchase fresh, grass fed, raw goat’s milk to be delivered or for pickup near Norfolk, Virginia.

  6. Hello! I live in Norfolk, Virginia and am interested in finding a source that delivers fresh, raw, goat’s milk. Thanks!

  7. I have Lyme Disease and it isn’t responding to antibiotics (and, thus, have been sick for six years). Heard about beginning an all-raw-milk-diet and want to start it immediately to bolster failing immunity.

    I contacted a dairy in NY but was told its now illegal in New York. The website here is confusing me as I don’t see explanations of how I can learn of local buyers clubs/deliveries from surrounding states. And don’t even know– as of May 2016– if any raw milk dairy in NJ, Ct, Pa. etc… is allowed to sell to a New Yorker (even if I drive out myself). Maybe I have to eat my high rent and pay to live near a farm and drink it fresh everyday? Even that, I have no idea whom to begin calling.

    I can afford to try this but don’t have anyone willing to help me get linked in. I can provide a phone number once email contact is made.

    • Are you aware that Lyme disease can be treated successfully. Find a homeopathic doctor and check it out . This is not a joke modern medicine will never take care of it. Antibiotics don’t work

    • It’s legal in Pa., I’ve never been asked if I live in Pa or not. I get mine from a local whole foods market. Most natural food markets would Probably stock it if you ask.

  8. Does anyone know of any raw milk places in Paris, Freiburg, Salzburg and Vienna that speak english/ have english websites? I’m trying to find some but my French and German is a bit rusty. Thanks.

  9. Hi, my name is Kai. My family and I have lived in South Korea for a year and have been looking for raw milk. We thought we found some in Jeju Island but it wasn’t actually “raw” just had the label. Is there a way to get some shipped here? I read something about Japan having it but I’m not sure.

  10. I my name is Cynthia and I am looking for sheep milk but can not find any.Can you tell me of any farm that sells this milk?

  11. I my name is Cynthia and I am looking for sheep milkbut can not find any.Can you tell me of any farm that sells this milk?

  12. I live in Austin, TX. Is there any location where I can find 100% A2 Protien cow milk. It would be awesome if I can find milk from Gir Cows or the Brazilian variety of Gir cows.


  13. Hello, I just moved to las vegas,nv. The only dairy that I have been eating is raw….goat milk and cheese,raw cow and sheep cheese:) I was feeling amazing! Helped to bring me back to life from minutes to flat lining:)
    I am very much missing my raw goat milk….Can you please help…..raw cheese is sold in Nevada….not raw milk…..who will ship to me, or is there a goat farm here:)
    thank you for your input,Patrice

    • I lived in Las Vegas for about a year. St. George, UT is about an hour and a half drive and should have raw milk. Hope that helps!

  14. I would love to find a source for raw milk and cheeses in Western Wisconsin or Eastern Minnesota. I am a member of WAPF but, for some reason I can’t get the local chapter leaders to return my emails. Thanks. Keep up the great work!

  15. I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and I’m interested in purchasing raw milk but don’t know where to order it?? Any recommendations??

  16. hi im looking for organic raw mil i live in san Bernardino ca 92410 plz im really interested in buy it thank you 🙂

    • Try looking for a brand called organic pastures. They are in a lot of sprouts and I know for a fact they are in a store called Organic Roots in Temecula.

  17. i would like to find out how to get milk delivered to my home in Cadillac, mi
    I have children along with myself that are all lactose intolerant my family lives too far away to get milk from them.

    where would be a good place to go? Is there such places in our local area?

    How much is the milk on average?
    thank you

  18. I have an histamine intolerance which diables me to eat certain foods. Is there benefit in consuming unpasteurized cows milk, goats milk, and/or camels milk?

  19. Hello, I was wondering if you would offer me some advice on organic raw milk. I live in NJ, and I am very interested in ordering some raw milk, but I’m not sure which farm is the best. If possible would you give me a recomendation so that I could order from a farm that is organic certified and has a great reputation for their raw milk & cleanlyness, just wanna get the best quality I can. Thank you in advance, QW!

  20. Hi,

    We are a vegetarian family who are moving to Hong Kong in a few days. Sadly, Hong Kong has no dairy pastures and only imports pasteurized/homogenized milk which is well known of its disease causing effects (including organic).
    I tried to find a country which sells raw milk internationally but did not find any. I would even pay for the special delivery..
    Do you have any suggestion?
    Many Thanks.


    • I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas other than to look for raw cheeses at better grocers. Is it at all possible to travel freely between Hong Kong and China? Maybe you could develop a relationship with a farmer there. I have no idea of the laws in China though. If you must use pasteurized products, butter and cream are a better choice than fluid milk. Much of the damage occurs to the proteins in milk, so in butter and cream there is less protein to be damaged, since it is mostly fat. It’s not ideal, but an option given the choices you have.

    • I have just moved back from living in Hong Kong for almost 3 years and I have not found any way to get raw milk, unfortunately.
      Let me know if you find anything out as I have lots of friends who might be really interested.
      Good luck and enjoy your time in Hong Kong – I am missing it!

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