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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well. www.farmtoconsumer.org

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Important Notes about the Listings | How to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing

US Listings–Click on a state and the listings will appear below the Notes.

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
Dist. of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Utah:


  • Grass-Fed Butter Farm: https://rawgrassfedbutter.com. Amish Family Farm in Lancaster County, PA, offers 100 percent raw butter from their grassfed Jersey cows. The butter is free of chemicals, pesticides, and any other drugs, and is made directly on the farm. They can ship nationwide and directly to your door within 1-3 days. They have A2/A2 butter available. Feel free to email with questions: Raw.grassfedbutter@gmail.com

Cache County:

  • Preston, ID: Cache Meadow Creamery, Mark and Andrea Kezerian, 678 East 4800 South Preston, ID 83263, They are located near the Idaho/Utah border in Preston, ID, phone: 208-477-1998, email: cachemeadowcreamery@gmail.com, Facebook: CacheMeadowCreamery. They milk Jerseys and one Jersey/Holstein cross cow. The cows’ primary diet is pasture and long stem hay. Products available include: milk: ($5/gallon or $3/half gallon), cream ($5/quart), yogurt ($2/quart), cultured butter ($4/pound), and cultured buttermilk ($3/quart). Please contact by calling, texting, through email, or Facebook with questions, to make orders, and set up pickup times.

Iron County:

  • Beryl: DHA Family Farms, LLC aka Four Country Gals. Shari Thomas, Bev Adair, Cindy Dages, Pat Hosko. 4887 N 400 W, Beryl, UT, 84714, phone: 435-231 1289, email: shari@fourcountrygals.com, web: www.FourCountryGals.com, Facebook: fourcountrygals. They have a small raw milk goat dairy. They have raw milk available at the farm for $5/half gallon or at a drop in Cedar City, UT, for $6/half gallon. They manage their herd as organic and with neither antibiotics nor vaccinations. Their main product is traditional Mexican caramel sauce in five flavors and three sizes. They range from $10-$16. They also make goat milk soap bars in several scents for $5, or five for $20.  The farm is open daily from 9 am until 6 pm. Call for directions and/or a tour. Four Country Gals also take their products (except the milk) on the road in the summer and fall doing many festivals and shows around Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. The milk is available from mid-April until mid-September.

  • Kanarraville: Finney Farm Dairy & Country Store, 2958 S. Old Hwy 91 Kanarraville, UT 84742. Raw milk and cheese from Brown Swiss cows. See full listing under Hildale.

Morgan County:

  • Morgan: Milk Barn Creamery, Aaron and Lisa Rose Family, 745 W 2225 S Morgan, UT 84050, phone: 801-821-6866, email: rose.raw.milk@gmail.com, web: milkbarncreamery.com, Facebook: milkbarncreamery, Instagram: @milkbarncreamery. They milk Guernsey and Jersey cows that are 100 percent grassfed. Whole raw milk is available for purchase for $7/gallon. Raw heavy cream is available for $5/pint. Fresh cheese curds and artisan cheeses will be available soon. Farm store is on site. It is a self-serve store; cash, check, and Venmo are accepted. The store is always open, come at your convenience. Call, text, or email to reserve dairy products.

Salt Lake County:

  • Salt Lake City: Redmond Heritage Farm Stores, 2209 South Highland Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84106, Phone: 385-351-2664, web: www.redmondfarms.com/contact/. Raw milk from Redmond Heritage Farms. See their full listing under Redmond.
  • West Jordan
    • Drake Family Farm, Jeanette and Ron Drake, West Jordan, UT, phone: 801-255-6455, web: drakefamilyfarms.com. Raw goat milk (available only at the farm store), pasteurized goat milk, goat milk yogurt, and goat milk cheese (available at the farm store and other retail locations).
    • Utah Natural Meat & Milk, Shayn & Kristen Bowler, 7400 South 5600 West, West Jordan, UT, 84081, phone: 801-896-FARM, email: sales@utahnaturalmeat.com, web: www.utahnaturalmilk.com, Facebook: utahnaturalmeat. Raw milk from grassfed Jersey cows – milked, bottled, and sold on site. Available in gallons, half gallons, and pints. Also selling: raw goat milk, raw milk cheeses, grassfed beef, lamb and goat, pastured pork, poultry, and eggs. Visit their farm store on the following days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-6 pm, Saturdays 9 am-3 pm. Farm tours available.

Sevier County:

  • Redmond: Redmond Heritage Farms LLC, Brandon or Jed, email: mail@redmondfarms.com, phone: 1-866-391-MILK, web: www.redmondfarms.com. They make Utah State inspected and Certified (Utah Department of Agriculture and Food license #49-1351) raw milk from grassfed cows. Also available: raw milk cheeses from grassfed cows, eggs from grassfed chickens, grassfed beef, and pork fattened on whey. Their raw milk, cheese, eggs, and meat are available at their stores in Heber City, Orem, and Sugarhouse/Salt Lake City. Products also available in other locations through their raw milk truck – see website for details. Farm tours available.

Uintah County:

  • VernalBoot Hill Farm, Rick and Bryan Bell, 3075 W 1000 S, phone: 435-828-1914, email: r.bell151@hotmail.com, Facebook: Boot Hill Farm. Also listed on Local Harvest and Agri-licious. They have Dutch Belt, Normandy, Aryshire, and Brown Swiss cows fed a strictly grass-based diet and hay in the winter months. They pay strict attention to minerals and the well-being of the cows. They use no commercial fertilizer nor herbicides. State permit allows them to sell milk and cream from the farm.

Utah County:

  • Goshen:
    • Cari Anderson, email: cari.trianglea@gmail.com. Raw goat milk $10/gallon. Goats are on grass and alfalfa.
    • Northern Dawn Dairy, Peggy, email: trunkbranches at yahoo dot com, Facebook: facebook.com/groups/1546158989026851/. The goats are Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian and Nubian. The milk may be used for drinking, soap and lotion, as well as cheeses and yogurt, etc. Northern Dawn Dairy is a micro goatshare dairy where raw milk is shared for human consumption and non-human consumption. Price charged is equivalent to $7/gallon for regular customers and equivalent to $8/gallon for non-regular customer. One free small sample per person. Animals are grass and alfalfa fed, with a minimum of grain. Does’ udders are shaved, hands and udders cleaned with single use wipes. Milk is quick chilled. Test for somatic cell count monthly and soon to test for bacteria. Tours available. Milk may be able to be delivered to specific points, time permitting. Prefer farm pickup. Northern Dawn Dairy is a member of Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, to better serve our clients.
  • Orem: Redmond Heritage Farm Stores, 420 West 800 North, Orem UT 84057, phone: 801-224-0585, web: www.redmondfarms.com/contact/. Raw milk from Redmond Heritage Farms. See their full listing under Redmond.
  • Provo: Katydid Farm, Katy and Dave Beukers, 1138 N. Geneva Rd. Provo, UT 84601, phone: 801-372-8328 (Katy) or 801-822-2868 (Dave), email: katybeukers@yahoo.com. Owners of Nubian Dairy Goats for over 35 years. The goats have access to grass pasture and are supplemented with alfalfa/grass hay. They are fed grain when they are milked. Goats are milked by a milking machine or hand milked. Filtered with the same milk filters used in the commercial dairies and milk is quick-cooled in the freezer. Stalls are cleaned every week or as needed. $10/gallon. Tours are available. Please call ahead and make sure someone will be home. Milk will be placed in refrigerator on the front porch for pick up.

Wasatch County:

  • Heber City: Redmond Heritage Farm Store, 475 West 910 South, Heber, UT 84032, phone: 435-657-3603, web: www.redmondfarms.com/contact/. Raw milk from Redmond Heritage Farms. See their full listing under Redmond.
  • Midway: Heber Valley Milk/Kohler Creamery, Grant & Caralee Kohler, 920 North River Road Midway, UT 84049, phone: 435-654-0291, web: hebervalleymilk.com, Facebook: kohlercreamery. Raw milk from grassfed cows. Purchase it in their on-farm store, also known as Kohler Creamery. They also have a raw cheese and other types of cheeses made from their milk, grassfed beef, local honey, and crafts.

Washington County:

  • Hildale: Finney Farm Dairy & Country Store, 1320 N Canyon St. Hildale, UT 84784, Winford “Finney” Barlow, phone: 435-383-8633, web: www.finneyfarm.com, email: finney@finneyfarm.com. Raw milk and cheese from Brown Swiss cows.

Weber County:

  • Ogden: Sweet Deseret Farm LLC, Daniel and Elizabeth Babcock Family, 4100 N 2200 W, Ogden, UT, phone: 801-392-4771, email: milk@sweetdeseret.com, web: sweetdeseret.com. Naturally raised Lamancha dairy goats on 30 acres of browse. Raw goat milk $12/gallon. Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food inspected and Certified.

25 thoughts on “Utah

  1. Anybody from Park city wants to pick up somewhere together. I’m new here and starting to research resources for farm products. Thank you

  2. It is absurd that the farmers who sell raw milk, and the people who buy it, have to sneak around like drug dealers or something. Raw dairy is really the only safe and healthy dairy – the stuff they do to processed milk is dangerous and harmful. The only place I know to get raw milk is in Sugar House, but it’s over $13.00 a gallon.

    • So buying and selling raw milk is no longer illegal. My boys are sad because they liked buying on the black market :). We have a local family with a cow that we buy from. Reasonable price and close by, I feel blessed. The citizens of Utah have been fighting back for their right to eat what they feel is best.

  3. I am from 55 year old Indian from Pune. I am using raw milk from my childhood.
    Never purchased processed milk. No helth problem all those year.Advanteges of raw milk are.
    1)It contain fats which required for humen body.
    2) It test better than processed milk
    3) One glass fresh milk keep doctor away

  4. Did I read on here that Rhett Roberts/Redmond Salt helped write the raw milk law here in Utah? I went to get some raw milk here today at one of their stores and found that they raised the price a full 50% from last year at this time, which means I can no longer afford it. I had a problem with their helping write the milk law in the first place, since it makes it so hard for smaller producers to be in the market. It now seems as though they have eliminated the competition and have raised their prices accordingly. It’s now $13.45 a gallon when it was $9 a gallon last spring.

    • it’s called process of elimination. they have several stores around the state, and with that kind of money coming in, they can jack their prices. And with them being involved in writing the raw milk law, do only do whats in their best interest and no one else. Making it nearly impossible for small farmers like myself to even get a leg up. We were just shut down by Utah State for selling raw milk and other dairy products from our farm without a proper license. So now I’m on a mission to find my loop hole.

      • Oh Jessica,
        That is so wrong. What Redmond did is so bald, I really don’t think they’re even trying to hide it. The Redmond store employee told me when I was so shocked by the price that I put three gallons back,”Our company is no longer subsidizing the milk, so prices went up”. Ah, yes. I see. Subsidize until you have no comepition, play the long game. $9 a gallon (which is commiserate to what I’ve paid in many other states, so it’s no bargain) to $13.45 a gallon in one year is no accident. Utah is a beautiful state with lush, thick grass. There should be no shortage of raw milk availability.

  5. I would love to chat and can understand that for specific reasons you might want some anonymity. I plan to move from Oregon to Salt Lake area, Utah and am trying to iron out where we’ll get our milk. I hope you are still in business.

  6. There is raw milk to be found south east of Brigham city. If I were you I would look up arm alliance for Utah. I fear losing current place that I go to for raw milk. Ogden had raw milk, but some people ruined it for everybody else. Some people stole from that farm and well I feel people do not take good care of milk after buying milk. There is a farmer that explains his view on raw milk on YouTube that should be past around. The big problem is the monopoly that pasteurized dairy’s have and fear that is placed in the hearts of people. I take care of the raw milk I buy the best way I know how. Then I bless milk through prayer. I also am concerned about raw milk prices going up. Soon it feels that only wealthier people will be able to afford raw milk. My stomach does really well with raw milk and I have read so much info for raw milk that it should be considered to be the only real super food. That label to would bring prices up. Greed seems to ruin everything. When I get my own land I will get my own milking cows. Making real milk illegal is idiocy at it’s best. Subsidies provided by gov. Has been such a hurdle for fair business.

    • I live in these areas could you tell me the name and place or a website for them. Or even a number to contact them. I’m looking for raw milk close to my area and Brigham is the closest place for me. Where can I find information to this place? Please and thank you.

      • Harmony Homestead is located in Corrine. Raw unhomogenized milk from a small herd of Jersey cows who live on a pasture on the banks of the Bear River. They also deliver on Monday to Logan, Wednesday to Ogden (IFA parking lot on West 12th St near the ITS main building) and Saturday morning you Hyrum. You can get half gallons in glass bottles with payment of a deposit and trade bottles each time or they sell gallons in plastic jugs. They are also producing.cheese now. They offer free range eggs from a Weber County farm at their Corrine storefront.

        3792 W 3600 N
        Corrine, UT 84307

  7. Jan,
    When I asked around, my takeaway is that it is based on a few reasons…first, the dairies here sell to the local larger commercial dairies. second, there is not a large enough demand for it, and lastly, small dairies are not willing to take the risk in a highly litigious society.

  8. Dottie- There is a *secret* group that brings it in to Vegas from Colorado City and from California every week. Google hard enough and you will find it.

    • i am looking for farm where i can purchase raw milk close to spsnish fork in utah county. i am diaabetic and have a plan to heal diabetics and need raw milk if you know of any place please advise. thank you marv broderick.

  9. I have signed the form at the location of where you purchase the raw milk from. But, if you take care to keep the milk cold till you get it home , it should be fine. Just like any thing you buy that needs to be refrigerated, you have to use some common sense. Place it in an ice chest which really helps if you have a ways to go.

  10. Hi, I am a raw milk-drinking web developer. The Google Maps API is super flexible and will allow you to include whatever information you’d like with each location point and will allow you to restrict the zoom to whatever boundaries you choose. Obviously some farmers wouldn’t want to show their exact address, and certainly not street view. You would still need to put in an address (latitude and longitude, actually), but if you restrict zoom to more of a zoomed-out view of the city that isn’t detailed enough to show the address and you only include the contact info the farmer wants to provide, I think you could make it work. I think what you have now is great though 🙂

  11. Look up Johnny’ s dairy in Ogden. Lots of controversy over campybacter(sp) contamination,but it’s a risk of raw milk. They should be up& running soon. Much closer to Kaysville & better traffic.

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