Ohio Testimonials on DVD

By Jim Roberts

I have a DVD of 20+ testimonies of WAPF members in southwestern Ohio. Many are families speaking to the general health improvement of their children, allergy reduction, dental cavity reduction, fewer doctor visits and (what they they thought was) milk intolerance (really was pasteurized milk intolerance). Two of the testimonies are life threatening medical illnesses. One lady had been instructed to sell everything she had and prepare for her funeral (that was three years ago before she started raw milk).

I also have two DVDs by a doctor who teaches microbiology to doctors in the Wright State University Medical school. One covers raw milk generally, and the other DVD is Nutritional Impact of Real Milk for Children. In the latter DVD he testifies to the benefit he has noted in his younger children compared to the older where real milk was not in their diet.

Most of these DVDs are recorded in our chapter meetings. I sell all of these DVDs for $10 apiece and all proceeds are sent to our Ohio Raw Milk producers to pay legal defense fees. So far those monies have been used to defend two of the Ohio farmers who were cited for bogus issues. One Amish farmer was cited for not having proper labeling on a milk jug the inspector provided out of this van. The other farmer was cited for a disease for which no evidence was detected on his farm. Ohio is blessed with a governor now who was raised on the farm and recognizes the benefits of real milk. He has instructed the Ohio Dept of Ag to back off if a herdshare contract is in place. If Ohioans are willing to purchase a (usually refundable) contract to purchase part of a herd of cows, then they are consuming milk from their own herd and that is legal in Ohio. Our push in Ohio is to grow the community of real milk consumers.

If you wish to have copies of any of these DVDs, you may either send a check for $10 each (covers shipping) to me at Jim Roberts, 293 Chapel Drive, Springboro, OH 45066. OR send me a payment with Paypal to JTRoberts@USA.COM. Be sure to include your address. If you need to reach me, my phone number is (937) 898-5063.

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