Power of Testimonials in Michigan

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan has received clarification of FDA’s position on raw milk, and we continue to work both with FDA and MDA toward resolving the situation with David Hochstetler and Family Farms Coop. As part of that effort, we have provided both MDA and FDA with copies of the 230+ testimonials written largely by Family Farms Coop members, testifying to their positive experiences with raw milk and their commitment to ensuring its supply. A fair share of these testimonials were created on the Family Farms website (www.familyfarmscoop.com). Senator Levin was also provided with a set of these testimonials in a meeting held this morning in his Detroit office, and my letter to him follows. In all that has happened since October, there is nothing more
certain than the power and positive effects being produced by the many letters written to MDA and FDA, legislators, this and other sites as well as other recipients, together with the testimonials. There is reason for hope; remember, there is nothing illegal about drinking raw milk; please keep the faith, and keep those cards and letters coming!

Senator Carl Levin
Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building
477 Michigan Avenue
Suite 1860
Detroit, MI 48226-2576

Attention: Gail Govaere

RE: Family Farms Co-op

Dear Ms. Govaere:

As promised, I enclose a copy-set of the 232 raw milk testimonials prepared by members of the Family Farms Co-op who drink raw milk supplied by David Hochstetler. As you review them, I am sure you will be impressed with the importance placed in, and the depth of commitment to raw milk and other natural foods which these Co-op members express.

On behalf of the entire Co-op, please express my heart felt thanks to Senator Levin, and of course to you, for your assistance in obtaining this very helpful clarification from the FDA in its February 21, 2007 letter to the Senator.

As you know, in addition to the legal arguments, it is my firm conviction that the FDA’s perception of the “risks” of raw milk are out of date and that suppliers such as David Hochstetler and Family Farms Co-op, operating with exemplary cleanliness under valid cow share/herd-lease arrangements, both ensure the public health and permit individuals, the freedom to obtain foods of their choice for their families.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.

Very truly yours,
cc: Michelle Mital – FDA (DC)
Joann Givens – FDA (Detroit)
Captain Robert Hennes – FDA (College Park)

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