Australian Dairy Farmers On Trial

It isn’t just American and Canadian dairy farmers who are under attack by their local governments for selling raw milk: two South Australian dairy farmers are being prosecuted for selling raw milk through their cow share program.

In South Australia, it is illegal to sell raw milk for consumption but not illegal to drink it from your own cow. Although cow share programs have been used as a loophole to get around similar restrictions in the US, the South Australian authorities found this cow share program to be a “sham” to sell raw milk to consumers.

The couple appealed their guilty verdicts to the Supreme Court. Justice Tim Stanley agreed with the magistrate that the cowshare program was a sham and constituted a sale under the Food Act but was forced to grant the appeal due to errors made by the magistrate and prosecutor. The couple will face a new trial in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Australian Dairy Farmers On Trial

  1. That’s because the Gov wants control, but they can’t because of it’s Natural State. So instead they make it illegal. Now if the raw milk was altered, like pasteurized milk then they can control it and tax it, then it’s okay. So they’re saying we can drink it, but not sell it. That tells me it’s really safe to drink the milk, but they want part of your profits if you sell it.

    • I would love to have a politician read Proverbs 27:27 and explain to us why God shouldnt have told Solomon what he told him there. They are wise in their own eyes and probably think themselves wiser than Solomon and God.

  2. My garsh do all the countries still have the money to police things like milk sales? I think with all the contamination in “safe” FDA approved locations it would indicate a “NO” to the above question. That agenies restrictions on raw milk sales are outdated and irrelevant for the most part. Either defund the agency or make the restrictions based on up-to-date empirical data.

    • Yes , You see and hear a lot worse problems in foods then raw milk , and all they do here in the US is recall it and fine the companies.

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