Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt Back in Court February 5, 2014

On February 5, 2014, Canadian dairy farmer Michael Schmidt will be back in court to appeal his 2011 conviction of charges stemming from the sale of raw milk. This February marks 20 years of his raw milk struggle.

On his blog, The Bovine, Schmidt notes that since he began his raw milk struggle against the Canadian government 20 years ago, there have been: 3 Popes in the Vatican; 3 U.S. presidents; 260,000 deaths directly related to smoking in Ontario alone; and 0 deaths due to raw milk.

“And raw milk still keeps flowing at Glencolton Farms, because the cows keep coming home in the morning and in the evening – the amazing reality of life,” he writes to his followers. “I have not counted the days in court, the amount of court papers and the money spent on defending our right for food of our choice. I just know that we WILL prevail.”

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