Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Launches Raw Milk University

As the demand for raw milk continues to grow, new producers are needed. The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation (FTCF) has launched Raw Milk University to teach dairy farmers how to produce raw milk in a safe, economical manner.

According to the announcement on the Farm-to-Consumer website, Raw Milk University is “for producers who want to learn about what is important in starting a raw milk dairy or improving [existing] raw milk operations,” and “gives participants the opportunity to learn from experts in the raw milk community.”

Raw Milk University is made up of a series of webinars spanning topics from “Milking Practices for High Quality Raw Cow Milk, Milk Room and Milking Equipment Setup and Maintenance” to seasonal “Dairy Goat Management and Lactation.” They are led by Sharon Wilson (who owned/operated the largest raw goat dairy in Colorado and has been consulting on raw goat milk dairies for over 8 years) and Tim Wightman (a farmer, dairy and soils consultant, and President of the FTCF).

Three webinars took place in April; three more are scheduled for July and three more in October. All webinars begin at 1pm EST and run for approximately 90 minutes. Webinars are $40 per session, with discounted rates for booking in bulk.

For more information and registration, please click here.

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5 thoughts on “Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Launches Raw Milk University

  1. I am starting a sheep milk dairy. Will the classes be applicable to sheep as well as cow and goat milk production?

  2. Well I need the help. Need info on the best brand of milkers & other necessary equipment. We will start milking our first gurnesy milk cow in July. We purchased our 2 cows in New Virginia Iowa. Hauled them to La. Niki is due with her first calf in July. She is registered & bred to a reg Guernsey bull. Our young bull is registered also. So we need all the input we can get. Happy in Lafayette La. Thanks. Oh La is passing a bill to sell raw milk here in La. It’s already passed in house 80/20 next the Senate.

    • Hambydairy supply’s…that’s where I got mine…priced right…they’ll have all you’ll need.. There on the web.
      Akre acres goat farm…

    • Just saw your blog on line from awhile ago. How ‘s your raw milking coming along? Are you selling your milk at this time? I’m coming to Lafayette for the music festival and would like to have a source. Please reply and let me know if there are any other farms selling.

      Thanks, Dave

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