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This listing is for pick up at GRANT PARK FARMERS MARKET ONLY on Sundays from 9am-1pm.

Hobo Cheese Company's cows graze diverse, perennial pastures, with dry hay during the colder months and a scoop of non-GMO grain given during milking.

Hobo Cheese bottles some of this non-GMO raw, grass-fed milk* to sell in half-gallon jugs for $7 each at the Grant Park Farmers Market only on Sundays from 9am-1pm. This is the same milk produced in their Grade A licensed dairy for their  cheesemaking operation.

While they take extra milk to the market with them, to guarantee availability, contact them to pre-order. Email them at milk@hobocheese.co with any questions or to reserve your milk.

*This milk is labeled for "Pet Consumption" per current Georgia law. Warning: Not for Human Consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may container harmful bacteria.

Farmer's statement: "Not all milk is created equal. Learn more about us and our farm at hobocheese.co -- bottle milk updates as well as online ordering coming to the website soon!"

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