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Simon Certified Organic Family Farm

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Simon Certified Organic Family Farm
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1044 Battlesburg St. SW
East Sparta
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Everything on the farm is Certified Organic through OEFFA and biodynamic. Brown Swiss and Jersey cow grazing spring, summer, and fall, eating annuals in season and pasture with access to perennials. In the late fall and winter they eat alfalfa with soft bladed fescues and bailage (fermented alfalfa and grass) with access to perennials. Herdshares are available. Also offering 100 percent grassfed Black Angus beef, pastured turkeys, broiler chickens, and egg layers, annual plant sales in May, a CSA with over 136 heirloom fruits and vegetables, heritage breed Glouchestershire Pork, Meadow Veal. They participate in Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market at Old Trial School, Highland Square in Akron and Howe Meadow. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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