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Yolkers Wilde has raised dairy goats for 25 years. Nubians, Saanens, and Alpines are kept. ADGA Nubian bucks are used over all the breeds unless they are being bred to show. The does, bucks, and doelings are kept on pasture but also fed local grass hay and Canadian alfalfa hay (non-GMO), and a custom mix of commercial grains with boss on the milk stand. They are offered human grade beer grains from a local microbrewery daily along with natural vitamins and minerals free choice. No hormones or antibiotics are used to enhance milk production. Any goat being treated medically is pulled from the milk line. A vacuum bucket milker is used to prevent contamination of the milk after the does are washed and dried every milking. Milk: $4/quart, $7/half-gallon, $13/gallon. Milk is sold in food-grade plastic jugs but kept in glass or stainless steel totes. Will sell in glass if customer provides containers. Other products include plain yogurt (pints or quarts), whey (half-gallon or gallon), cajeta (caramel sauce), and goat milk fudge. Cheeses include ricotta, feta in brine whey or crumbled, $7/half-cup container; and Chevre (soft spreadable cheese) in half-cup containers and multiple flavors (plain, garlic/chive, basil, Tuscan, date/honey/walnut, cranberry cinnamon, spiced mango, vanilla cherry, lavender). Kefir on request. All products are raw and sold in Florida for pet consumption only. License number Z001895. Products during the year can change so call for availability. Yolkers Wilde also sells at Old Miakka Farmers Market and Palma Sola Farmers Market (find both on Facebook for directions). See other places where you can find products from this farm.