Is the FDA Quietly Beginning a Campaign Against Raw Milk Cheese?

Maybe it is because it is considered “artisanal” or maybe because it is camouflaged in grocers’ coolers among other cheeses but, for whatever reason, unpasteurized cheeses have never produced quite the same uproar as has raw milk. That might change in the future – David Gumpert is watching the FDA and, on his blog The Complete Patient, he suggests that the FDA is quietly gathering information to begin a campaign against raw milk cheese.

Gumpert noticed that the FDA recently posted a notice on its website that it is seeking input to help it “minimize the impact of harmful bacteria in cheeses made from unpasteurized milk” and is particularly interested in “learning more about the standards and practices in use by…the growing artisanal cheese manufacturing community.”

While this might seem to be an innocent start of an ongoing dialogue between the FDA and the cheese community, Gumpert points out that the FDA does not currently have any evidence of illnesses caused by raw milk cheeses. Gumpert suspects that the FDA appears to be looking for data that will allow it to ultimately try to ban raw milk cheeses.

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