British Columbia Citizens Launch Petition to Legalize Raw Milk

British Columbia’s raw milk regulations are among the toughest in North America: selling raw milk is punishable by a maximum $3 million fine or 3 years in jail. British Columbia deems raw milk to be a health hazard under the “Public Health Act, Health Hazards Regulation,” and selling or supplying raw milk is illegal under the provincial “Milk Industry Act.”

Citizens are now petitioning the Minister of Health, Ministry of Health and Government of B.C. to change the law and make raw milk legal. They have launched a petition on, with a goal of reaching 1500 supporters, and a Facebook page to promote the petition.

The petition argues that the law is antiquated, not based fact, and enforced by government officials without any first-hand knowledge of the farms this law so deeply affects. Read more about British Columbia citizens’ fight for food freedom and sign the petition here.

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