NPR Analyzes Why Some States Want to Legalize Raw Milk

In a recent article, NPR analyzes why, despite the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association strongly advising against the consumption of raw milk, more and more states are legalizing its sale.

According to NPR, raw milk “…has become popular in recent years as part of the local food movement: an estimated 3% of the population drinks at least one glass a week.”

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture’s (NASDA) most recent raw milk survey, conducted in 2011, shows that 30 states have legalized the sales of raw milk in some form. The CDC believes the widening of legalization corresponds with an increase in raw milk-related illnesses.

Bob Ehart, senior policy and science adviser at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, points out that legalizing raw milk doesn’t necessarily condone it. Rather, “…legalization may give public health agencies the power to regulate a market that might otherwise exist underground” (see NPR Blog “The Salt”). is a consumer education project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. Visit their website,

9 thoughts on “NPR Analyzes Why Some States Want to Legalize Raw Milk

  1. They want to legalize it so they can regulate you out of business and get a large cut of the profit, most small farmers know there Is not enough profit to go around. Let the government continue to drink there junk milk and leave the small farmers alone until the government learns to respect us.

  2. You can buy raw milk from a vending machine in France. Haven’t heard about big out break of disease in France from Raw Milk. NPR just totes the line of the corporate milk providers and their funders.

  3. EFF the CDC, CDC, and the AMA. They haven’t taken my child to the ER 4 times one of which being an absolute life saving episode due to her acute asthma. They didn’t stay up with her all night 40 or 50 times giving her albuterol-sulfate with a nebulizer and steriod inhalers. Call it a coincidence if you like but NONE of this has transpired in the last 4 years since our family switched 100% to RAW milk. Pasteurization is not required but refrigeration is. The good bacteria is retained and we are a family of believers!!! Plus, it tastes better. 🙂

  4. Growing up on a dairy farm in Canada I was raised on unlimited raw milk and remained healthy throughout this time. It was a rare experience, with Canada demanding pasteurization throughout the country. When I began to drink processed milk after leaving home, I developed acne, weight gain, joint pain and general malaise till I stopped drinking it. I have never been a fan of processed milk since then, and although I consume a limited amount of it, the ultra pasteurization is removing all living properties from it, and is a waste of time and calories. It seems that nothing is sacred anymore. Thankfully people are beginning to demand food which provides nutrition and sustenance for children as well as adults.

  5. Am I the only one who sees this??

    If you have to ASK for permission, then it isn’t a “right”. If you have a government where the elite (politicians or worse, appointed officials) unilaterally decides to MAKE something that is natural and normal, to make it “Illegal” OR worse, regulates the way it must be done, then it is NOT a “right”. Whatever happened to being able to choose for ourselves what we want to eat? Without some over-reaching ass deciding that just because they don’t like it or because they think they need to run others lives (because after all, THEY know best!) that “there ought to be a LAW!!”

    We seem to be getting all excited because 30 states have “legalized” raw milk . . . SERIOUSLY??? 30 states have basically said that farmers, ranchers, PEOPLE are not “allowed” to consume what they raise or grow OR share it with their neighbors UNLESS it is done in STRICT observance of what and how the government says it must be done OR else you are committing a CRIMINAL act!! And, of course, the other 21 states are not even allowing people to consider making that choice under THEIR supervision, they just take the right to choose completely away!

    “The CDC believes the widening of legalization corresponds with an increase in raw milk-related illnesses.” yeah, right! They are STILL not able to point to even ONE incident of it actually being RAW that made someone sick, BUT there are numerous, yearly outbreaks (recalls of Blue Bell ice creams just THIS month!) of illness and contaminated PASTEURIZED, commercial products. I am angry that the media, big pharma, the AMA, the CDC and all the other big corporate money machines (and YES, that includes the FDA and the EPA) get away with blatant LIES and then to have the media expand on the lies, spin them and broadcast it over and over again as gospel truth! And the multitudes of mindless Eloi gorge themselves on what the Morloc dish out to them and believe they are “informed”. (right now at least 4 people are googling “Eloi” and “Morloc” /sigh)

    The fact that our government is able to make something as normal and natural as owning a cow, milking a cow and choosing to drink that milk an illegal act is horrific . . . because the really ignorant person will FIRST respond, “That is silly because our government doesn’t say it is illegal to “own a cow or to milk it”, it just says it’s illegal for others to choose to drink the milk!” SEE??

    Folks, by petitioning, asking, rallying, sending letters to any politician begging them to “Please, may I pretty please consume and share the products I’ve raised/grown/harvested/gathered?” means they have already TAKEN that “right” from you! It makes me angry to realize that a government that was originally formed “of the people, by the people and FOR the people” has become such a dictatorial, repressive horror. We do not live in a free country when there is not ONE single act in which we may engage that does not, at some level, require the permission of the government. Everything we do requires a permit, a license, or is addressed/covered by a regulation, a rule, a law, an ordinance, a code, covenant, condition, restrictions, a certification, a tax, or a governmental agency.

    We no longer live in a “free” country and what is even more deplorable is that most of the really good people are still trying to justify the existence of the monster we call our government, while it rolls on, crushing us with even more laws, rules, regulations, taxes, codes, ordinances, permits, licenses and “permission” to do any and all those things that used to be every day, plain common sense living.

    So, I guess all we have left is the sop that some arrogant group of politicians has at long last deigned to grant the serfs the pitiful right to buy and consume (under their strict supervision and regulation, mind you!) a product that might actually be good for them.

    I think I’ll go get me a cold glass of RAW milk to have with my home-made raw cream butter on home made, freshly ground whole wheat bread, with a HUGE dollop of home made strawberry preserves, along side 2 or 3 fresh, free range deep orange yolked eggs and SEVERAL slices of home-grown without steroids, without growth hormones and without antibiotics PORK BACON!!

    • I am not aware of any states that have made it illegal to own a cow, milk that cow, and drink the milk from that cow (or cows)…so far as I know it is not illegal to DRINK raw milk anywhere. “Legalizing” it usually refers to making it legal to SELL in some fashion. Many of your points still apply however.

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