Op-Ed: State Should Recognize Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility

One South Dakota resident penned a Letter to the Editor that was published in August 25, 2013 issue of the Capital Journal titled, “On Raw Milk, State Should Recognize Personal Liberty, Personal Responsibility.” In it, the author addresses the business principles, food safety and liberty rights that are all wrapped up in the issue of raw milk.

On business, the author argues that raw milk, which is a growing market, is a link in the agricultural commerce chain that should not be disrupted. “It is a significant part of business for some producers who are only supplying what their customers demand.” On food safety, the author points out, “if there is ever a milk-related illness originating from one of these dairies, it would be easy to trace it to the source… There is no mixing of milk that would create a puzzle to unravel in finding the source of a milk-transmitted illness. That is vastly different from the problems we now see tracing those all-too-common food-related illnesses in our industrialized food system.”

The author concludes, “there are thoughtful, intelligent people who choose raw milk, knowing full well the risks and the benefits… We should err on the side of personal liberty and personal responsibility on issues such as this.”

Read the author’s arguments in full here:


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