Raw Milk Advocates Have Something to Look Forward to at Upcoming Wise Traditions Conference

Pro-raw milk attendees of the November Wise Traditions conference will be excited to learn that there will be multiple presentations focusing on raw milk issues. The four lectures will take place on Monday, November 11 between 9am-4pm.

Ton Baars, a senior scientist for milk quality at the Swiss Research Institute for Organic Agriculture and a raw milk producer, will discuss raw milk from a European perspective. Baars believes that raw milk from pasture-based animals is one of the most nutrient-dense, beneficial foods available to naturally combat many health issues. He will present scientific studies that indicate a correlation between raw milk consumption and lowered occurrences of asthma, allergies and atopic disorders.

Following Ton Baars, Gianaclis Caldwell will take the stage to present “Raw Milk, The Story of Milk: Revered, Repurposed, and Repackaged.” In her talk, she will explain the history of raw milk, and how the food has transformed over the years from an essential and natural food to a distorted and damaged product. Caldwell is the owner and operator of a licensed raw goat milk and cheese dairy in Oregon, and the author of The Raw Milk Lover’s Handbook: A Guide for Consumers and Producers of Unprocessed Milk (coming out Spring 2014).

In “Highlights of a Medical Expert’s Support of Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk,” Ted Beals will present scientific testimony that opposes national organizations’ claims that milk must be pasteurized to protect public health. Beals is a fervent supporter of consumer food rights and, over the last nine years, has used his credentials as a scientist and pathologist to advocate for the rights of consumers to have legal access to raw milk.

Finally, attendees will get a chance to hear from Pete Kennedy about raw milk-related high-profile court cases and other legislation that has developed over the past year. Kennedy is an attorney and the president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, who is currently working to challenge the federal ban on interstate sales of raw milk.

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