Dairy Industry Groups Don’t Speak on Behalf of All Dairy Farmers

The Wisconsin Senate is considering a bill that would allow small, local farms to sell raw milk so long as it is labeled as such, provided in a clean container, and complies with DATCP rules for grade A milk regarding appearance and odor, bacterial count, temperature, and other factors.

Unsurprisingly, the FDA, Wisconsin Public Health Association, and the Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments oppose the bill. The Dairy Business Association and the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association also oppose the bill. Most recently, the Wisconsin Safe Milk Coalition, a group made up of public health officials, dairy processor groups, and dairy farmers also opposed the bill. All groups cited raw milk being “unsafe for human consumption” as their primary reason for banning the sale of raw milk in the state.

However, there are numerous testimonies across the United States and Canada that argue the health benefits of raw milk, and assert that the risk of falling ill from raw milk can be drastically reduced by ensuring safe handling practices, and only drinking milk from grass-fed animals on small farms. While some of the organizations that oppose the bill are quick to point out that farmers are included among their members, there are also many farmers who vocally and passionately support the bill. The issue of raw milk is controversial, with dairy professionals on both sides of the issue. Read more here: http://www.wisfarmer.com/news/wisconsin-safe-milk-coalition-strongly-opposes-raw-milk-bill—–jcpg-335460-224420471.html

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