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Check out the Wise Traditions podcast! Every 30-minute episode features top health and wellness experts like farmer Joel Salatin, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride of the GAPS diet, fitness guru Ben Greenfield, and nutrition expert Chris Kresser. It’s virtually everywhere–you can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, tunein, Overcast, YouTube and directly from the westonaprice.org website! You’re going to love it!

Here are several episodes related to raw milk:

#151 Is raw milk safe? with Mark McAfee
#104 Raw milk on the move with Pete Kennedy
#41 On fat, raw milk, & ghee with Sandeep Agarwal
#23 Raw milk revealed with Mark McAfee
#10 Raw milk: one story with Charlotte Smith

6 thoughts on “Raw Milk Related Wise Traditions Podcasts

  1. hello… I am feeding my daughter strictly from the westonaprice.org site..
    she drinks raw milk 3times a day… along with egg yolk for breakfast and bone broth with a protein for dinner and lunch…..her snack is cheese and a banana…
    and she has a teaspoon of cod liver oil a day
    she is one year of age and in her last wellness check the pediatrician found her overweight… said her height to weight ratio was alarmingly high… 93% and wants to go through our diet…
    what do you suggest, should we continue or are we overfeeding our daughter..

    pls advise….. concerned mum

  2. Is there a sample list of questions available for raw milk consumers to ask their dairyman to help determine safe handling practices? I’m looking at a few herd shares, and want to make sure I’m asking the right questions. (I’m located in Colorado) I want to be educated before visiting possible herd farms.

    • I drafted these with input from Sally Fallon Morell, and I will post them as a separate web page, also.
      1. Are your cows on pasture? (You’re looking for a yes here, preferably rotated every day through native perennial polyculture pastures.)
      2. What do you do in the winter? (They should be on hay, alfalfa, and/or silage in the winter, and may spend time in a loafing shed.)
      3. Are your pastures sprayed with anything? (You want a no here.)
      4. Do you supplement their grazing with anything? What? (It’s common and fine for farmers to supplement their dairy cows with grain or alfalfa pellets at milking time, otherwise the cows get too thin and produce less milk. Some people who are extremely sensitive to grain seek out 100% grass-fed milk. It will usually be more expensive.)
      5. (If supplemented with grain) Is the grain/feed mix locally grown? Does it contain GMO ingredients? (Locally grown with organic methods is best, and non-GMO, no soy. Ideally, the grains would be sprouted.)
      6. Do you supplement the cows’ diets with salt or minerals? (They should have free choice salt/minerals/kelp while grazing.)
      7. Do you vaccinate your cows? For what? (Ideally, they won’t be vaccinated, but some states require it.)
      8. How do you treat sick cows (especially how do you treat mastitis)? (Homeopathy, herbal treatments, vitamin C, and cod liver oil are all good treatments.)
      9. Do you exclude a sick cow’s milk from use? For how long? (Exclude mastitis milk until it clears up–Use the California Mastitis Test to confirm.)
      10. How do you clean your cow’s udders prior to milking? (Best is to clean the udder with an iodine solution just before milking.)
      11. Do you milk by hand or machine? (Most will probably use a machine. The kind that milks directly into a closed stainless-steel container is best.)
      12. How is the milk chilled? (It needs to be chilled down quickly–ice bath is best.)

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