San Francisco Coffee Shop Soon to Start Serving Raw Milk

DRIP’D Coffee, an artisan coffee bar in San Francisco, is intent on being the first shop in the city to start serving up raw milk lattes and cappuccinos. It’s a natural step for co-owners Chris Morell and Tae Kim, who use local, organic milk and believe in giving people the choice of various high-quality ingredients.

“I’ve been a drinker of raw milk for years,” says Morell. “After a while, the merge of my coffee craft and raw milk logically came together.”

Currently, DRIP’D is on a waiting list for raw milk but once spots open up, Morell and Kim hope to source from Claravale Farm in Paicines, CA. To create lattes and other coffee drinks with raw milk, baristas will have to learn to steam it at lower temperatures – which will not only avoid pasteurization, but also results in drinks that are smoother than the average cup of joe.

Morell says that they already have customers coming in to DRIP’D to inquire whether the raw milk drinks are available yet, so demand won’t be an issue.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of nutrition education non-profit, The Weston A. Price Foundation

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