South Dakota Governor Signs Raw Milk Bill

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed Senate Bill 45, which will make raw milk and raw cream a legal product regulated by the state, just like grade A milk.

This bill is a result of the efforts of a Raw Milk Work Group that was formed in February 2014 on recommendation by the South Dakota Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Gena Parkhurst, one of the work group members and a raw milk consumer, says, “I am happy with the compromises and the way that it worked out. Everybody who was involved in the raw milk work group made some kind of a compromise so it felt like there was a fair balance of give and take.”

She says the next step is to outline the rules and regulations that will apply to raw milk and raw cream sales, hinting that there might be an education program involved, and that group members will gather their thoughts and move forward in the process. is a consumer education project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. Visit their website,

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