Grateful testimonials about raw milk are convincing proof that raw milk is Nature’s perfect food!

Ten Million Drinkers

A 2007 government survey found that 3 percent of the population consumes raw milk. This translates to ten million Americans drinking raw milk—a number that is certainly much higher today. Raw milk is widely available in continental Europe and is even sold in vending machines. The royal family of England drinks raw milk.

Not Just For Babies

We’ve often heard the claim that only humans drink raw milk beyond infancy. This is not true! Whether it's another mammal, a bird or even an animal of the sea, many adult animals drink milk from other species. Every dairy farmer knows that cats and dogs on the farm will line up for milk during milking times. In the wild, deer, birds and other wild animals don't hesitate to latch on to a nursing mom of another species. Cats and gulls have been caught red-handed stealing milk from nursing mother elephant seals in Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico. Watch this wonderful video about animals drinking the milk of other species.

Hundreds Share Their Stories Of Raw Milk Healing

Over a hundred testimonials from Michigan speak of how raw milk reduced allergies, asthma, behavior problems in children; digestive disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, failure to thrive in infants and cancer. Letters to the Weston A. Price Foundation tell the same story.

Celebrity Endorsement

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. drinks only raw milk! Watch here. 

January 1, 2000

Raw Milk Testimonials

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