Vermont Farmers Can Now Deliver Raw Milk at Farmers Markets

A Vermont law that went into effect on July 1, 2014 allows farmers to deliver raw milk to customers at farmers markets, making it more convenient for busy consumers who can’t always find the time to travel out to the farm.

The law does not allow the sales of raw milk at farmers markets; it only allows buyers to pick up the milk they have previously purchased. Furthermore, the law requires that potential customers first make one visit to the farm they’ll be buying from – after the first visit, the customer can purchase from the farm without going in-person.

Allowing delivery (and, hopefully in the future, sales) at farmers markets is an important opportunity for small farmers looking to expand into larger markets. One state dairy farmer expressed disappointment in the law, saying he had hoped it “…would allow him to pick up new customers at the farmers market, not just at his farm.” Still, he recognized the law as “…baby steps for making raw milk more easily accessible to consumers in Vermont.”

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