Wisconsin Governor Unlikely to Sign Raw Milk Bill in January 2014

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is unlikely to sign the raw milk bill that was passed on November 12, 2013, according to statements he made during a December 3rd speech at the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association’s annual meeting.

Referring to the pathogens found in raw milk, which many believe can be dangerous, Walker told the dairy association that he would not approve any bill that put children at risk. The dairy association has asked the governor to veto the bill, which would make it legal for dairy farmers to sell raw milk and raw milk products directly to consumers on the farm.

The Wisconsin Legislature will resume on January 14, 2014, at which point the raw milk bill will be eligible for floor action.

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Governor Unlikely to Sign Raw Milk Bill in January 2014

  1. The Wisconsin Dairy Association must be a contributor to the governor’s political campaign. If he is truly concerned about the potential dangers and health of children he would allow sales of nutrient rich, healthy raw milk sales on the farm. The raw milk has all the naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in the milk as opposed to the nutrient stripped and inorganic chemical added product containing aspartame, the chemical sweetener that masks the burnt taste of milk after ultra pasteurization.
    Governor Scott Walker has misplaced loyalties. The dairy consuming residents of Wisconsin deserve better.

    • Obviously Governor Walker is a slave to big money…..All of his policies are for big business and against the common person.
      I can’t believe that the people of Wisconsin voted for him in the recall election!!!!

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