Call To Action For Alvin Schlangen Trial


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Criminal trial for peaceful farmer Alvin Schlangen
August 13-15, 2013
11:00 am
Stearns County Courthouse
St. Cloud, MN

Background:  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), through the efforts of compliance officer Jim Roettger, is successfully choking the main supplies of raw milk in Minnesota. In 2010 MDA shut down Traditional Foods of Minnesota, a private food club that was a primary food source for many families in Minnesota. Another farmer, Mike Hartmann, has been facing prosecution and harassment for years.

Alvin Schlangen has been charged criminally in two cases (in two counties) for distributing raw milk to his community. In 2012, he was acquitted on three criminal counts in Hennepin County; and still faces charges in Stearns County. This upcoming trial is MDA’s latest desperate tactic to not only sabotage the food supply of Minnesota families, and to jail a peaceful farmer for providing food to his neighbors, but also to send a message to Americans everywhere that their government will use whatever means necessary to deprive them of the foods of their choice.

Please join us as we stand in support of this brave man and for everyone who wants to choose the foods they put in their bodies. Raw milk is not a crime!


1. Attend the criminal trial of peaceful farmer Alvin Schlangen:

Stearns County Courthouse

725 Courthouse Square

St. Cloud, MN  56303 [map]

2. Donate to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund to support Alvin and others like him at

Additional info:

Facebook event:

 David Gumpert Article about it:  It’s Deja Vu All Over Again for Alvin Schlangen, Facing Desperate MN Prosecutor

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