South Dakota Senator Voices Support for Raw Milk

Senator Phil Jensen, a Republican senator in South Dakota, penned an op-ed piece that has been published in The Argus Leader, pointing out how many of the proposed rules set forth by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture don’t take into account the scientific studies that tout the health benefits of raw milk.

Sen. Jensen references three quantitative microbial risk assessments published by the Journal of Food Protection, which conclude that unpasteurized milk is a low-risk food and there is actually increasing evidence that fresh, raw farm’s milk provide unique health benefits to children. Jensen also compares the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s proposed rules regarding coliform levels, warning labels and pathogen testing to other states’ more relaxed approaches, including Utah.

Read his Letter to the Editor in full here:

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One thought on “South Dakota Senator Voices Support for Raw Milk

  1. I do not understand where our goverment gets that now they can tell us what to eat and drink , and that we have to buy from processing food stores. I was raised on real milk, home grown animals, veggie, that were curd and canned in a old kitchen, on a wood cook stove, we raised what we ate, except for flour, corn meal , sugar, and coffee. we had to buy, once a month, I am 57 years old and in good health. My grandparents raise 8 kids on this too, and all of my cousins. We were hardly ever sick, and if we got sick they new what to give us to make us feel better, without all these med.that poison your system, and is stored in the fat in the body to later be released, So Please tell me why it is so bad, to not have stomack problems, not enough calcium, no iron , weak bone, all because the food we could eat is not process in a big company, but by your local farms, whether a dairy, or produce, or meat farm. The food was processed without chemical,and still it kept longer then the process posion for big companies. We need to return to the natural ways of having our food, without all the posions added to it. Keep ur lab raised HB meat , and ur steriord animals, keep all ur unnatural raised animals for you goverment officals to eat, and leave all of us country raised people along to live the way we were raised and tought to live.

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