Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Turns 7


This Friday, on Independence Day, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund turns 7 years old! That means 7 years of defending our rights to farm fresh, organic and beyond organic foods! And 7 years of helping small farmers through their worst nightmare, a farm shut down, seizure or raid. And, of course working on the federal and state level to pass farm friendly policies like the one that became law this week (See yesterday’s press release, Landmark Agricultural Bill Becomes Law in Virginia.

Celebrate Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s Birthday today! Give to the Annual Appeal:

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Call To Action For Alvin Schlangen Trial


Please broadcast

Criminal trial for peaceful farmer Alvin Schlangen
August 13-15, 2013
11:00 am
Stearns County Courthouse
St. Cloud, MN

Background:  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), through the efforts of compliance officer Jim Roettger, is successfully choking the main supplies of raw milk in Minnesota. In 2010 MDA shut down Traditional Foods of Minnesota, a private food club that was a primary food source for many families in Minnesota. Another farmer, Mike Hartmann, has been facing prosecution and harassment for years. Continue reading