Congressman Thomas Massie Discusses Milk Freedom Act on Fox Business

On May 6, Congressman Thomas Massie appeared on the Fox Business Network show The Independents to discuss the two pieces of federal legislation he introduced that would reduce federal crackdown on raw milk.

When asked about the history of federal involvement in the raw milk industry, Massie says, “For thousands of years we’ve been consuming raw milk and in fact, Congress has never passed a law banning raw milk. What happened was, in the ’80s, …the FDA argued that it wasn’t worth their time or the energy or the taxpayers’ dollars to regulate this. They were sued and [lost] so they were basically forced by the courts to ban…the interstate transport of raw milk.”

Massie says that in Washington D.C. it is the dairy lobbyists who most vehemently oppose the bills.

“I introduced this bill with 20 co-sponsors from the left and the right and I think it took them by surprise that there are that many people that support food freedom on the Hill. It’s because we’re listening to our constituents back in our districts. You show me one congressional district that doesn’t have a large constituency of consumers that are consuming raw milk. They’re everywhere.”

Watch the full interview here:

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