Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt Targeted by Authorities – Again

Canadian authorities have again targeted dairy farmer Michael Schmidt in two separate raids during the week of September 29, 2015.

Schmidt has become well known throughout his more than 20-year fight with the Canadian government over his right to distribute raw milk to those eager for it. In recent years, Schmidt reconstituted his farm into a co-op with shareholders who hold joint-ownership of the farm and can therefore drink milk from their own cows.

On September 29, York Region health officials and police officers descended on a church parking lot where co-op members were meeting to pick up their farm products. The police obtained a search warrant for health department inspectors to search Schmidt’s van and take samples of the dairy products.

Then, on October 2, more than twenty local police and health officials arrived on Schmidt’s farm and began confiscating milk and dairy equipment. Schmidt put out a call for help and soon more than 50 local raw milk activists and supporters came to his aid, blocking the driveway so the regulators were not able to depart with the stolen goods. A dramatic standoff ensued, finally ending peacefully with authorities only able to take a couple of computers before the supporters assembled.

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5 thoughts on “Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt Targeted by Authorities – Again

  1. That’s sound like a Raid rather than just an inspection. I didn’t realize the same problems arise in Canada too. Thought it was just the U.S. with the only problem being able to produce raw milk for people who wants and needs it.. Can’t believe how the authority’s will Raid someone like they are selling Illegal Drugs.. what a shame from today and 50 years ago.

  2. The persecution of intelligent humans want to drink raw milk is disgusting. We have similar laws here in Australia. I cant believe this BS(no pun intended) I grew upon a dairy farm and enjoyed the benefits of raw milk and cream straight from the can.
    I can honestly say I owe my health to drinking raw milk. I am nearly 70 and have never had any serious health issues or allergies. I look 40 and I am glad that I had great start in life and enjoyed fresh raw milk. I have fond memories of thick cream in my morning oatmeal porridge before going off to school.

  3. Sounds like another tyrannical over reaching government. It looks like the Canadian government has taken lessons from the tyranny the USA has imposed upon our citizenry.

    • We have same problems here in Australia. The authorities would be better setting standards for bovine health and regulations to make sure the animals are healthy, i.e., cull out cow with mastitis until cleared-Test for TB at the farm etc. *#&#^%$ Gov go about regulation the wrong way. I pity you poor Americans and Canadians that have have to take milk produced by cows that are bulk fed Monata GM modified grains You are on a death sentence. Here we are still smart enough to have cows graze in natural surroundings and organic grass. I owe my good health by consuming raw milk and organic vegetables and meat grown on our own dairy farm when I was younger.

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